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The sole purpose of a Microwave Oven... XD!™ is for you to put weird shit in it. For example, tin foil. When you put tin foil into a microwave it spark comically and emits Phenylenylethymenylentilmethylzentonkythlpneuvenuenukaryotic Rays, wich irradiate your friends hamster and turn it into Adolf-Okrah-Mikhail Sgergeyvich Stalin. The transformed hamster then begins to vomit uPods, wich copulate and produce mePods, which, in turn, infect the Evil Plastic Necromancer Jesus with aids, causing the world's population of sheep to commit suicide via in-utero poisoning. Thus, the effect of The oven is summed up as:

, but only with tin foil. Think of what fun may be had the Steel Wool, Carbon Fibre, Dessicated Mummyfied Goat Corpses, and CD/DVD's...

Crystal Meth Fun & The CD/DVD Effect[edit]

Well, good news, somebody just did the CD/DVD part and it turns out that one of the byproducts of that experiment is Crystal Meth in gas form. Yay! But that off topic, the main page on how to make CM Gas is here: How to make Crystal Meth with your Microwave Oven... XD! The CD/DVD effects are just fucking 1337. For the first two or three seconds, nothing happens, then the CD/DVD will, like the tin foil spark comically, Unlike the tin foil, the sparks are mostly invisible and made of UV light wich deep fries the retinas of you eyes, giving you cataracts, which, while blinding you forever, makes you eyes look like they are the eyes of a corpse, and are thus excellent for halloween. Get this: That was only for the first two seconds!!! Of course, if you want to see the rest, you need to drown the uPod vomiting transformed hamster in Armpit Sweat, cut it open, extract the brain, and smear it on the microwave, thus saving your eyes from UV exposure, The UV is not ultra violet, but Ultraviolent, due to this, the rays will not be blocked; rather, the brain ooze will spawn 200,000 clones of Eric Bauman, who will obey all of you comands, thus making you a god. If you keep the Microwave Oven... XD!™ on for thirty more minutes after this you will become THE God(Capital G). Also, if you take it out as soon as it begins to spark, the CD/DVD will have cool patterns burned into it.

Destroying Your Microwave Oven... XD!™[edit]

With explosives.

Ball Lightning With Steel Wool[edit]

Yeah. If you put that shit in, it'll turn your balls into lightning, resulting in an orgasm so powerful, it will reduce the world to ash. No, seriously. Of course, if you use the hamsterbrain trick, the steel wool will transmute to gold wool, quick though! If you dont take it out fast enough, You get Snakes in Your Brain! MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES! But worry not friend, if you focus on pi, the snakes will be christian snakes, and rather than biting you, they'll just make you eat apples for all eternity. By mixing anal monkey wax with the brains of your hamster, you can create a Dick Cheney Death Ray, wich, you guessed it, makes 200,000 dead, godzilla sized Dick Cheney Clones.