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Well, it it has been a warm welcome. Whether from the joyous remarks of some Uncyclopedia users or offensive remarks(just kiding I do like the racial and religious slurs). While it has been difficult to fabricate some articles I believe I have already left my mark on the world unless you people choose to huff me. This place shall always be a favorite of mine, and I will drop by occasionaly to see if anything has happened to my stuff and perhaps screw around with some of my old articles. Even despite my short life here, I feel as though I have learned, um, well... nothing, really. Wether you choose to bombard my talk page with love letters or engrave hate mail on my heart I will forever love thee. While for long periods of time you heart will grow weary in my absence, I will continue to screw around with the minds of young ones.


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MS Paint continues to be one of the most used software programs in Web design, digital photography, video editing, and the culinary arts. In fact, all of the Pulitzer-Prize-winning digital effects in the movie The Matrix were created in MS Paint (Except for the character of Trinity, who was drawn with a pointy stick on wet sand, then scanned in with a HP BeachJet scanner, but there's always an exception to the rule, especially regarding women. Plus, MSPaint is a bit too masculine fo'rat's use.). Nowadays, most sports broadcasts are animated using MS Paint rather than filming actual sporting events to cut costs.