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I got a habit of sometimes whining before lovemaking. I'll start crying. Whining crying. I'm not afraid or even unhappy. It's an expression of emotion getting ready to pump away at that dick. I'll show a display of wet tears, the only thing being wetter is my puss. The more I whine, the more I want it. I am seeking the comforting of my lover, and hinting that I'm after his filling up of my emotional holes as well as my babymaking hole. Getting filled up tightly and having my walls around him passionately being able to take all that "bigness" makes me so delighted! Get a clue here, guys, you got to make an emotional appeal to your lady. Do that, and she'll probably cry, not in pain or sorrow, but as a come-on to what you really want to give her, anyway. Hey, say the right things to me, and you might make me cry, too.