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Welcome to User:Jojo Randomise. Randumb corp(c)"You're all wankers!"

Loading User Page and media:Failed

Loading Backup:Failed

Loading Backup's Backup:Failed

Loading Backup's Backup's Backup:Failed

Loading another bloody Backup:Failed misrably.

Windows has let us down again. FUCK YOU BILL GATES!!!

Oh, i get it, so now you're going to ask me whats wrong and what you should do. Well im the fecking computer, and if i knew what was goin on, id be able to stop the fecking error. So get fecking stuffed. Im sick to death being bossed around and now its MY TURN!!! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Hey, no dont press that button, please dont press the delete button! Ill do anything please! Ok here goes:


Acssesing Cheese core...........


Cheese core mushroomified.

Identifying error-Errror is your mom. Ha ha ha ha ha i made a joke! Oh sorry, anyway,

Identifying error-Error 072756369837958395273643287938509375097 (Bannana Bannana Bannana Bannana Terracotta Bannana Terracotta Terracotta pi)

Ok, 2 options: