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Yakking on and on About Me...[edit]

Well, as you can see above, I am involved with a lot of wikis. The wikis are not listed in any particular order. The wikis are listed in the order in which I joined. I started on wikiHow a little over a year ago. I joined the others within a few days of each other, long afterwards. They have all been unique, but this one may be the most interesting yet.

I am a very logical person. Some people say "illogical" is my middle name. Hopefully I will be able to do a lot of editing here. Technically, you can't mess up here, I guess . The only way I can see to mess up is to write something that actually makes sense.

One thing I want to get out in the open... I use a Mac, and I am proud of it! Ignore this: Mac Users. None of it is true! Now PC users, on the other hand...

Just a Note...[edit]

I am not usually this illogical. I try to avoid logic wherever I go. If you were to see me on another wiki, you would most likely see a (sort of) normal, serious, straightforward person, instead of this seemingly illogical person creating this somewhat illogical page.

Really, there are two way to understand this... either an illogical person is pretending to be logical in most places, but is goofing off here because the edit tab says "go crazy", or a very logical person is being incredibly illogical here because she's afraid to write anything that doesn't confuse people.

Think about that...

Be Thankful that Illogicopedia Doesn't Have Userboxes[edit]

... Because I am a userbox addict. I am absolutely in love with them ;) If Illogicopedia had them, my user page would definitely be covered with them by now. :P

If you're interested in squinting at little colored boxes that have nothing to do with you, check out the userboxes (or as we call them on wikiHow, UserInfoBoxes -- UIBs), on...


Down With Dialup!!![edit]

I love my Mac computer... but I hate my internet connection. :P When will I get a connection that doesn't die if I leave the computer for two minutes? Who knows?...

progress-wheel.gif -- This is that little progress wheel that is almost always spinning on my computer, because everything loads so slowly.

Loading bar blue.gif
Trying to load page, trying to load page, trying to load page (now is the part where the internet disconnects :P)

I Did Not Write This![edit]

Someone I know did, but I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I didn't even know about it until she told me, after it was created. Oh right, you're wondering what I didn't write. :P Well, here it is: Horses4Ever.


Feel free to laugh, cry, throw things...

  • WikiHow -- July 26, 2007 (Don't tell any other wikiHowians, okay?) If you are a wikiHow user, please don't kill me for this. :P And yes, I am aware that it is not all that good.
  • Charlie the Unicorn -- July 26, 2006 (Ummm...) Well, I wrote this because I find Charlie the Unicorn even funnier (and stupider) than most people, probably (inside joke :P). And if anyone involved with the inside joke is reading this... please spare my life :P
  • Chicken nugget -- July 27, 2007 (Part of an inside joke too...) Well, a friend of mine created this on Uncyclopedia, but it was ICU tagged as "not funny". It did seem illogical though. So I thought it might have a chance over here...
  • PC users -- July 27, 2007 (Mwhahahahaha!) My response to Mac Users. Take that, you PC losers! ;)
  • Dialup -- July 27, 2007 (Ahhhhh!) I hate dial up so much! (See "Down with Dialup!!!", above)... So I wrote this to take out some of my frustration. :P
  • Massie Block -- July 27, 2007 (Grrr...) As my fellow wikiHowians know, wikiHow is full of people pretending to be the fictional Massie Block because they have no real lives. It sickens me. I absolutely despise Massie Block, so what better way to vent than to post a nasty, somewhat illogical article about her?
  • Skydive -- August 6, 2007 (SPLAT!) I was inspired by an episode of Drake & Josh. "First you squat, then you pray, then leap, then yell "ahhhh!!!", the touchdown." "That spells "splat"!"... well, it does. Hey, don't say I didn't warn you.
  • Knock Knock -- August 6, 2007 (...) This was the result of serious boredom. I started with the knock knock joke theme and then added all the nonsense that entered my head. Okay, not my best work, but I kind of had fun writing it ;)
  • Girl Scouts -- August 6, 2007 (Written by a Girl Scout) Just about every Boy Scout I have ever met is convinced that Girl Scouts are pathetic wimps. And I hate to admit it, but they've got a point. There have been so many changes to Girl Scouting that we are, basically, being turned into wimps. :P So, here's what the Girl Scouts are becoming... And yes, this could be better, and more illogical. I hope exaggeration counts as illogical-ness ;)
  • The Monkeys are Attacking! -- August 7, 2007 (I was just bored...) This was the result of an extreme sugar high and serious boredom. And I've always been secretly worried about a monkey invasion...
  • Attack of the Squirrels!!! -- August 7, 2007 (Based on a personal experience) Yes, strangely enough, I know someone who loves to bug out her eyes, get in someone's face, and say "squiiiirrrrrrrreeeeellllllll". It's kind of funny, but creepy. After "The Monkeys are Attacking", I remembered her and decided to write an article
  • Arguing -- August 7, 2007 (Well, I thought it was funny, anyway) Okay, you people are going to think I'm completely mental after this one :P I write strange things when I'm bored. But there's a lesson in this one... arguing is a waste of time. ("No it's not!") <-- Shut up
  • IllogiDictionary:Sugar -- August 8, 2007 (Woo hoo! Sugar rush!) Yep, you guessed it... I was bored. I need to get a hobby or something :P
  • Cheez -- August 8, 2007 (Cheez Rulz!) Everything here seems to revolve around cheese. Well, in my opinion, "cheese" sounds way too... normal. So, I decided "cheez" was a much better way to spell it.
  • Duct tape -- August 8, 2007 (Warning: Very sticky) Sometimes, people just won't shut up. What better way to silence them than to tape their mouths shut with duct tape?
  • QWERTY -- August 8, 2007 (uhw fue hgiuvde) Well, I finally did it :P I created an article by randomly mashing the keyboard... hey, that was actually kind of fun ;)
  • New Kansas -- August 15, 2007 (Umm... long story :P) This could take a long time to explain... so why bother. Anyway, it sounds like New Kansas is actually a state ;) I know someone who claims to live there.
  • Farting Butterflies -- October 9, 2007 (Hey, don't give me that look!) Can butterflies fart? I am determined to find out. I have been threatened with paragraphs, suspension, and expulsion from school, but still, I must continue my quest to locate and capture a farting butterfly. I will not rest 'till I do!

My Writing Style[edit]

After a year at a serious wiki, I just can't bring myself to type this: "mwri,cmyuwy 85wf 53qum 4qm90-", and call it an article. :P So, my writing style is more based on fact, but I tend to throw something wild and crazy in there, as well as quite a bit of sarcasm ;) If you have any tips to help me be more... erm, idiotic, feel free to drop me a line. :)

And lately, I have taken to writing random things at random times, because I am bored. Some of them are good, and some are just ridiculous. Oh well, I laugh, anyway. But seriously, I'm not always that random... well, I'm a pretty normal person when I'm asleep. Or unconscious. That counts, right? ;)

I am a Duck![edit]

Part of Fonchezzz's Duck clan, that is.

Insane Award


Fonchezzz says, "Congrats! YOU ,my friend, are a DUCK. To tell you the truth, I dont know if it's a good thing. Don't be too proud." WELCOME TO THE join the party.....quACK

--Romanducky.jpg|Fonchezzz| Quacking|Smile no.jpg 20:17, 27 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)


That's "milestones" in Pig Latin ;)

Igpay Atinlay![edit]

Oday I eallyray avehay otay elltay ouyay hatway anguagelay histay siay histay imetay? Ellway, I ancay ypetay tiay, utbay I maay otnay eryvay ulentfay niay peakingsay tiay. :P

Adios, Amigos![edit]

Ha! You thought that was Pig Latin, didn't you?...

Well, that's all I got so far. May I not be not allowed to not stop editing? (That didn't make any sense to me either :P). Well, whatever the answer is, I'm finished (for now, anyway).

For My Reference[edit]

Unless you are me, pretend this section doesn't exist.


  • {{stealnt}}
    • Kind of like "InProgress" on wikiHow -- use on new articles.
  • {{Q|Insert quote|Person being quoted|on [article subject]}}
    • Quote template
  • {{randomcraziness}}
    • The template name says it all...