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Killallducks.jpg This user desires nothing more than to destroy all ducks.

Pwn3d.jpg This user has an invitation to Awesomeland. If they have multiple, they're awesome.

Cuckoo1.jpg This user is capable of bringing it on down in their own right.

Scaredsmiley.jpg This user has been scared by Oogabooga!

Illogifire.gif This user is on fire. In more ways than one.


This user is a 'Beginner Filmaker on IllogiTV

Burningcookieaccumulator.jpg This user has made their own burning cookie accumulator and did not explode.

This user is a fishwiper, for he hath wiped his fish.
Ducksrule.jpg This user desires nothing more than to destroy all people who wish to destoy all ducks.
Green check mark.jpg This user has beaten IllogiGames: The Murder Mystery!

Asemapicture.PNG This user is of nondescript age, gender, height, weight and appearance.

The Un-Mighty Ducks Trump Again!!! Duck.jpg