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Intercyclopedia - not just another UnMeta revitalisation attempt

Fellow Unclepeteopedians, surface dwellers and general humorectumists, lend me your beers!

I know from experience that the people of Uncyclopedia grow weary of the repeated attempts to revitalise UnMeta and I am aware many of will dismiss this as just another of those. But I ask you to hear me out as I think this latest idea has the potential for more active participation and above all, it'll be fun. All I ask is that you read this. And maybe post an opinion.

You may be aware that recently UnMeta had plunged to new depths of deadness, festering and gathering cobwebs in the broom cupboard. Recently, however, a team of dedicated professionals has taken over with the aim of breathing new life into the UnMeta project. Intercyclopedia, as it shall now be known, will provide a hub for all Uncyclopedian language projects, spin off wikis, blogs, websites and so on in the style of Diplomatic missions. Each wiki will be invited to create an Embassy/Consulate page on Intercyclopedia with the aim of bringing each pedia project together to discuss matters such as inter-wiki relations. To this end, there will be ambassadors appointed to represent their wiki on UnMeta.

Find out more information on the project here.

You might say all this is nothing different to the 'old' metawiki. Well it isn't - UnMeta will still perform all those functions, but there are now cookies! I bid you good day. -- Hindleyite, ambassador of Illogia