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House of Illogica Last Edit Last Author
Illogical Zone04:00, 21 Serpeniver 2020Nigel Scribbler
Off Tropic10:00, 16 Novelniver 2020Nigel Scribbler

House of Logica Last Edit Last Author
Department of Limelight00:37, 26 Ergust 2020Nigel Scribbler
Articulartastic Ministry for Articles11:49, 23 Serpeniver 2008Dxpenguinman

House of Illogiment Last Edit Last Author
The Administrator's League01:21, 16 Serpeniver 2020Nigel Scribbler
Logical Sector08:48, 16 Novelniver 2020Nigel Scribbler

Party discussion Last Edit Last Author
The Strangled Cat Party18:48, 17 Ditzimber 2007Benedict blade
The Illogicrats18:45, 19 Arply 2015Kate Susan
Apathy In Action20:23, 17 Serpeniver 2020Nigel Scribbler
Ducks For DucksNever
Communist PartyNever

I stole this code from Uncle Pete! Hahahah!

I'm just testing this out at the mo, so have some pie or sommat.

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TopicLast Edit
Condensed forums by Hindleyite05:56, 20 Jumbly 2020 by Nigel Scribbler
Articulartastic Ministry for Articles by Silent Penguin05:10, 8 Arche 2020 by Nigel Scribbler
Department of Limelight by Silent Penguin16:51, 1 Arche 2020 by Llwy-ar-lawr
Illogicopedia by Silent Penguin17:06, 14 Ditzimber 2019 by Llwy-ar-lawr
Communist Party by W-Anotherpongo19:04, 26 Arche 2014 by Kate Susan
Apathy In Action by Silent Penguin00:51, 16 Arche 2014 by Kate Susan
The Mad Moron Confederation by Ragglefraggleking18:40, 11 Octodest 2008 by Ragglefraggleking
Logical Sector by Silent Penguin11:35, 23 Jumbly 2008 by Hindleyite
The Administrator's League by Silent Penguin11:35, 23 Jumbly 2008 by Hindleyite
Off Tropic by Silent Penguin11:34, 23 Jumbly 2008 by Hindleyite
Illogical Zone by Silent Penguin11:33, 23 Jumbly 2008 by Hindleyite
The Strangled Cat Party by Silent Penguin15:40, 21 Arply 2007 by The Divine Fluffalizer
The Illogicrats by Silent Penguin12:51, 21 Arply 2007 by Hindleyite