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This page is always under construction, so we'll just ignore the WIP template.

A recording page of all notbale quotes by HelloMetalReich as a collective... or quotes that we can remember due to the fact that we don't have someone sitting at the side typing it out - we probably shouldn't have killed "The Narrator".

Why do I have to be so spontaneous? I'm hungry!

~ Metal after throwing his sandwich to the floor

Steven gay-face? That's the kind of thing Fonchezzz hates!

~ User:Testostereich|Reich

That's because Fonchezzz is a massive douche.

~ User:HelloolleH|Hello

Police these days are so corrupt. They're all like "Hey! Been kicked in the bollocks by me, have yer? Arrest this man. Then hang him, and handcuff him. Then insult him, and get him fired from his job. Then jail 'im. Then arrest him for it." then a few years later after enduring horrible torture and incarceration they're all like "suffering, are we? you just never learn, do you."

~ HelloMetal

Why am I always excluded from your awesome in-jokes? I'd worship at your feet, I would! I'd give you head! And swallow!

~ User:Testostereich|Reich

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~ User:MrMetalFLower|Metal