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Just a quick note... Votes from HelloMetalReich count as three votes. This then discounts Testostereich's, Helloolleh's and mrMetalFLower's votes. This can be applied differently. If 2 members agree while one disagrees then the voting will count as 2 for and 1 against. etc. This amazing collab user finally self-infinibanned. It was probably a good idea
Notice the lines of supreme awesomeness around the face

Yeah, that Testostereich can sometimes be a real dick

~ user:HelloMetalReich|HellometalReich on his lower body

This is the "Megazord" created when Sir Metalflower, Testrostereich and Hellooleh ran headlong inot each other at a highspeed during a Power Rangers rerun. They are famed for their brief period as a rock supergroup.

Super Powers of Awesomeness[edit]

  • Rusting to a certain degree.
  • Knowledge of the greeting "hello" in every language ever made-up.
  • High levels of german/austrian testosterone.
  • The ability to balance hats on peoples heads!!!