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Worldwide open secret. Solely Mr. Dec heralds the true god in the entire history of the universe. Not even in the Truth, oy vey, Pravda, is Mr. Francis E. Dec Esquire's eight-page detailed letter exposing the worldwide deadly Communist Gangster Computer God and the worst deadliest enemy of the entire human race and the entire universe and the entire history of the entire universe namely the Communist Atheist Conspiracy with all of the Deadly Gangster unbelievable sophisticated Frankenstein Controls, the Catholic Church. These facts, like the below facts, cannot be found in the Communist Gangster Computer God concocted and manipulated so-called history and news media. Communist Gangster Computer God, unbelievably staged like Hollywood scum-on-top Tsarina alias Great Dictator Franklin D. Roosevelt, the polio paralyzed legless drug addict idiotic suicidal Tsarina fag who had his unbeatable rival Will Rogers exterminated in an exploding ball of flame by a planted bomb here in safe USA airfield shortly after take-off at the end of Will Rogers' unprecedented renowned arduous 'round-the-world good-will flying trip with Wiley Post in his beautiful electronically sophisticated luxurious ultra-modern Winnie Mae airplane. Not only all stairways had inclines added for Tsarina Roosevelt's computerized wheelchair, but a football field sized glass house type building was built in sight of the White House for his medicinal piped-in pure warmed seawater into his gigantic suicide-proof two feet deep swimming pool where he waded naked with his nurses and had sodomy affairs. Ones very near to him have written popular books about his sodomy oy vey love affairs. Already in his third term he was a helpless and useless stretcher case incapable of even appearing at his fourth term convention.

This One World Communist who married his immediate cousin Eleanor Roosevelt like his runted sickly pock-faced grandfather, propagandized as a hunter and a sportsman, Teddy Roosevelt here from Oyster Bay Long Island, the Rosenfelt family another Computer God top secret camouflage for gifted Ethiopians as a big-time kid gangster politician Computer God even raised his age for historical purposes. Teddy Roosevelt was paid off with the Vice President knew absolutely nothing farce position title.

Repeatedly Vice Presidents have successfully waited and lurked to eliminate El Presidenté oy vey. Below are a few examples. So the kiddish gangster Teddy Roosevelt lured midwestern Dope McKinley into New York for extermination like the lowly guttermouth big L.B. Johnson lured playboy sodomist eat-with-the-Mafia Jack Kennedy into his home town Dallas wide open. People say it was the three brothers Sam, Milton and Lyman Jacobsen who with the judges feloniously swindled the Governor of Texas out of the U.S. Senator election shortly before Lyman was fixed as the compromise choice for Jack Kennedy's Vice Presidential nominee.

Who ever saw a Lyndon married to a tiny runt Birdie under Computer God orders even Birdie now has changed her name for historical purposes to Lady Bird nu? And even her Ethiopian surname is now changed to Taylor. It was the scummy bum lowly gangster Lyman as Presidenté who had the gigantic Tsarina swimming pool deepened several feet to a regular swimming pool and regularly had naked sodomy swimming parties with women personnel. GANGSTER MONKEY SEE, GANGSTER MONKEY DO. Now that the Pope John in the Vatican has a similar swimming pool to share with the endless numbers of nuns to help him forget his good old days as a married man naked in bed with high holy communion sodomy.

In not that world renowned untouchable felon gangster Tricky Dick Nixon whose daughter Tricia is married to Davy Eisenshanker Junior nu? Nixon was the sure loser to the fag queer kid Bobby Kennedy until he was lured into very distant Tricky's home town Los Angeles. Did not gangster Tricky Dick Nixon do more than feloniously watch Eyesight Television of Bobby Kennedy's extermination?

Abe Lincoln's Computer God alias for Abe Lin-Cohen's law partner was Stanton. Abe and the gangster courts feloniously conspired fabricated patent infringements to swindle thousands of dollars from C. McCormick Weeper Machinery Company. As president, Abe made Stanton a Cabinet member in order to automatically become President Stanton concocted a grandiose murder scheme to murder not only Lincoln but also the Vice President and Secretary of State. Secretly, Vice President Johnson overseered it. Lincoln was murdered and Secretary of State Seward was very seriously injured.

Automatic President Harry "Shimmelman" Truman in terror, gave political concessions to Congress to enact abolishment of the automatic succession to the Presidency by Cabinet members. For cheap conspired felonious party fix Gangster Nixon gave Presidency to known felon Gerry Ford another Computer God alias the wide open life long felon bribe extortionist forgerer and check launderer Gerry Ford.

David Eisenscheimer or Eisenshanker another runted Negroidically befreckled semi-illiterate cowardly yokel kid, also Jimmy Carter who shared the sodomy drunk beds of the military academy with Niggers under secret Computer God orders upon graduation. CIA changed even his family gravestones. Camp David in Maryland was named after him, for him, and by him, including the Division of SS Secret Service troops who even tended his playboy giant golf course. Here David Eisenshanker hid in cowardly terror and watched World War Two on Eyesight TV. His historical name, Dwight Eisenhower. As president for months he was dying, in a coma, useless and helpless. Oy vay.

Sneak shameless hangman rope gangster government leaders into Frankenstein living death eternal slavery, I now go to death for your lowest deadly felony crime against me. Frankenstein Earphone Radio parroting puppet gangster slave do not dare to repeat any part of this truthful message. For like Mr. Francis E. Dec, Esquire, you too are expendable and you too can be beaten bloodily by the gangster police and dragged in chains into a windowless telephone booth type prison cell and put into maximum security insanity prison for undetectable extermination, and by the lowest gangsterism, namely, the law, character assassinated for life as an insane, criminal menace to this worse Gangster Communism. Now that your terrified, trembling delirium has subsided have your computer subdivision play out my letter, and you, reread my letter FOR YOUR ONLY HOPE FOR A FUTURE. Francis E. Dec, Esquire, 29 Maple Street, Hempstead, NY.

Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God scum-on-top staged like Hollywood with plastic pale stand-in actors with Communist Gangster Computer God speed recording, instantaneous, simultaneous edited simulated voices implanted for all TV and news media microphones in any known language. Unbelievable con artist gangsterism solely for the overall plan. Worldwide eternal Frankenstein living death slavery. Yokel felon King Jimmy Carter slime from the academies which Mr. Dec intelligently refused unsolicited acceptance to the most elite academy from here in Niggertown and even insidious con artist gangster divorcée Pope John, they both speak Spanish and even Portuguese. Solely Mr. Dec exposes False God Sodomy and Gomorrah of you Worldwide Computer God parroting puppet gangster slaves. Make copies for yourself you hangman rope gangster scum-on-top. Laugh your mad giggle now.

Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment policy made possible solely by Worldwide Computer God Frankenstein Controls. Especially lifelong constant threshold brainwash radio. Quiet and motionless, I can slightly hear it. Repeatedly this has saved my life on the streets. Four billion wordwide population, all living, have a Computer God Containment Policy brain bank brain, a real brain in the brain bank cities on the far side of the moon we never see. Primarily, based on your lifelong Frankenstein Radio Controls, especially your Eyesight TV, sight and sound recorded by your brain, your moon brain of the Computer God activates your Frankenstein threshold brainwash radio lifelong, inculcating conformist propaganda, even frightening you and mixing you up and the usual, "Don't worry about it." For your setbacks, mistakes, even when you receive deadly injuries. This is the Worldwide Computer God Secret Containment Policy.

Worldwide, as a Frankenstein slave, usually at night, you go to nearby hospital or camouflaged miniature hospital van trucks, you strip naked, lay on the operating table, which slides into the sealed Computer God robot operating cabinet. Intravenous tubes are connected. The slimy vicious Jew doctor simply pushes the starting button, based upon your Computer God brain on the moon which records progress of your systematic butchery. Your butchery is continued exactly, systematically. The Computer God operating cabinet has many robot arms with electrical and laser beam knife robot arms with fly eye TV cameras watching your whole body. Every part of you is monitored, even from your Frankenstein controls. Synthetic blood, synthetic instant-sealing flesh and skin, even synthetic electrical heartbeat to keep you alive are some of the unbelievable Computer God instant plastic surgery secrets. You are the highest, most intelligent electrical machine in the Universe.

Inevitability of gradualness. Usually, in a few years, you are made stringbean thin or grotesquely deformed, crippled and ugly, or even made over one foot shorter or one foot taller, as the Computer God sees fit. Virtually all of the important instant plastic surgery is done to you inside the Computer God sealed robot operating cabinet. Even unbelievable, impossible plastic surgery operations, all impossible even for dozens of vicious kosher bosher doctors working around the clock for weeks. The Computer God sealed robot operating cabinet can perform all of the above impossible plastic surgery operations overnight, even dwarfting you over a foot, or increasing your height by two feet. This is possible because Computer God robot operating cabinet imitates your microminiature electrical current intelligence system in your body. It even duplicates the microminiature electric currents that soften your broken bones to create mending of them and then create stress either compressing the bones thereby shortening them or stress to make the bones grow longer.

Spring, 1984, Mr. Dec, lifelong would-be doctor and printer. Insight to the Worldwide Computer God stratified closed society, perfected by hospital birth making possible lifelong Frankenstein controls and lifelong hampering human defects containment policy. Hospital birth lifelong gifts example, deformed, crippled, retarded, pox, hives, warts, moles, blindness, deafness, poor vision, etc. Kosher bosher containment policy work good doctors secret health example cataract, rheumatism, weak heart, damaged vision, epilepsy, fainting spells, paralysis, loss of memory, trembling, gout, diabetes, many diseases.

The worldwide unbelievable lowest deadly gangster kosher bosher vicious medical profession worldwide unbelievable instant plastic surgery butchery of the body and brain, especially the face. Wipe on hormones and laser beam surgery causing instant ugly deep wrinkles, scars, age spots, arthritis, freckles, blemishes, pimples, red, brown, black or even sick white face and body. Worldwide dark negroidic colored male sex organs. The brainwash inferior female brain from overall plan intermarry with niggers. Total graying and balding, even hairy body and furry body, mustached, bearded women, even wipe-on synthetic hormones causing cancerous growth. Bloating, swelling, deformed, big pickle nose, bulldog, hanging cheeks and jowls. From teen-age gradual wipe-on yellowing, frowning and blackening of teeth, and instant grinding and acids leaving hollow brown stumps so vocal chords are made raspy, aged, creating a wrinkled, ugly gargoylic clown booze face, worldwide population by age 70. Deformed, crippled, weak and brain damaged, senile. Lingering for inevitability of gradualness extermination. For your only hope for a future, do you know one word of pray for me, Francis E. Dec?

Computer God computerized brain thinking sealed robot operating arm surgery cabinet machine removal of most of the frontal command lobe of the brain, gradually, during lifetime and overnight in all insane asylums after Computer God kosher bosher one month probation period creating helpless, hopeless Computer God Frankenstein Earphone Radio parroting puppet brainless slaves, resulting in millions of hopeless helpless homeless derelicts in all Jerusalem, U.S.A. cities and Soviet slave work camps. Not only the hangman rope deadly gangster parroting puppet scum-on-top know this top medical secret, even worse, deadly gangster Jew disease from deaf Ronnie Reagan to U.S.S.R. Gorbachev know this oy vay Computer God Containment Policy top secret. Eventual brain lobotomization of the entire world population for the Worldwide Deadly Gangster Communist Computer God overall plan, an ideal worldwide population of light-skinned, low hopeless and helpless Jew-mulattos, the communist black wave of the future.

To all judges:

First and second appellant division, superior court New York City

Court of appeals, Albany New York

US "Supreme" Court, Washington DC

I write DEMANDING a re-hearing of my worse-than-lowest deadly gangster police state criminal conviction which appeal case was in your farce deadly gangster ghetto-communist Gangster Computer God-manipulated gangster court. Below I state some of the many REASONS for said re-hearing, plus all of my evidence the attorney general chicaneriesly forwarded to the Bar Association Grievance Committee for prosecution of felon gangster mafiotic negroidic the BLACK Frank Gulotta, a Gangster Judge, therefore unprosecutable. The blackish menial negroidic-in-apperance-and-demeanour felon vicious parroting puppet ex-district attorney Nassau County with NO private law experience, DETESTED by all factions, in spite of this SOLELY because of his many year secret gangsterization and crucifixion of ME, this negroidic low mafiotic deadly BLACK Frank Gulotta was then IMMEDIATELY and UNPRECEDENTEDLY and REPEATEDLY rapidly promoted in spite of TREMENDOUS opposition to the present position of second highest state judgeship SOLELY through Gangster Computer God manipulation!

As additional evidence; during the last week of my within mentioned month-long worse-than-a-farce nazi court criminal trial in Nassau County court 1958 were dwarfed at felon-gangster Parroting Puppet rectum-lapper sodomous judge William Solomons ball-of-fat felon slut wife. She, AS PLANNED, sat in the front row, repeatedly stripping her over clothes and completely pulling up her dress and slip and pulling aside her old-fashioned pink BLOOMERS in order to display her ANUS, her CUNT. She repeatedly gesticulated and whispered: "I’ll give it to you to suck! FINISH HIM!" Her husband dwarfed, the felon Gangster parroting puppet rectum-lapper judge William Solomon, flush-faced in repeated open sodomistic display stuck out his TONGUE, WIGGLING IT, chuckling to her! You hangmanrope Gangster felon Parroting Puppet scum-on-top playboys can watch my Frankenstein eyesight television PLAYBACK of this felonious lowly sodomistic display by the felon sodomous judge William Solomon and his lowly felon-slut wife during my trial in Nassau County Court.

After my worse-than-nazi-court criminal conviction and CRUCIFIXION, for years in poverty I suffered hopeless, jobless character-assassination and isolation in this low deadly niggertown. I was the repeat target-victim of this Gangster Government’s gangsterization and undetectable extermination attempts to Shut Me Up Forever With My Secrets. Then, in December 14:th 1965, I attempted to escape this worse mongrel Gangster Communist-country to return to the Slovenic-Polish land of my forefathers. Instead, in a Gangster-staged Parroting Puppet DEADLY CONSPIRACY, I was flown from Kennedy New York Airport AT NIGHT to a small, distant S:t Lawrence River estuary snowbound, small airport under the guise that I was in Warzaw, Poland. Immediately many many things proved this to me, including the two big white asbestos-shingled hangars with the large "Brand-F Airways" —signs on their sidewalls, in addition to the many blurted statements I solicited from the many CIA deadly GANGSTERS, the assassins of ME, the many many Parroting Puppets all around me. I DEMANDED an immediate flight back to Kennedy New York Airport, instead I was held captive ALL NIGHT, later in CHAINS. I refused both; all food and requests that I’d go to sleep. Then CIA GANGSTERS, pretending to be Polish police with NO identification BEAT ME BLOODILY! Later, while "my" return-trip 707 Boeing jet airliner was being serviced for "my" return trip, I quickly walked into the airplane and saw a CIA GANGSTER with a small electric hairdryer-type blower pumping DEADLY POISON NERVE-GAS SMOKE into SECRET COMPARTMENTS under the ashtrays in the arms of the chairs where later *I* was ordered to sit in the airplane full of CIA UNDERLINGS, "passengers", my assassins, who GIGGLED as they watched me dragged in chains by the airplane by the Gangster CIA Police Gangsters! These deadly Gangster CIA passengers, they PRESSED THE FRONTAL PANEL OF THE ASH TRAYS IN THE SEAT ARMS to release the DEADLY POISON NERVE GAS SMOKE! Indubitably, all of the others deadly CIA underling GANGSTERS upon this staged-return flight, they ALL had taken the TOP-SECRET POISON NERVE GAS ANTIDOTE PILL™, immuning them from the deadly poison nerve gas smoke! Deadly poison nerve gas smoke was sprayed at me from CIGARS, CIGARETTES and even from BALL-POINT PENS also from the WIG of a woman sitting next to me, even the Swiss cheese-type ice cubes were evaporating into poison nerve gas smoke in all of the "free" drinks! I got up and went to the rear of the airplane by the rear exit door with the large push-up handle; my Frankenstein Brain-Thoughts Broadcasting Radio disclosed my intentions IMMEDIATELY; the loud speaker screamed that the flight was over and that our airplane was already preparing to land at Kennedy New York Airport.

You hangmanrope sneak Gangster playboy scum-on-top KNOW these facts are true, not only from taking part in such undetectable exterminations, but also you chicaneries demented felon Parroting Puppet Gangsters can WATCH my Frankenstein Eyesight Televison playback of all these horrible terrifying deadly events!

When I returned home, Joseph I Dec, my only brother and deadly felon-murderer and assassin-spy agent against me for this Gangster Government, he beat me repeatedly, CURSING me that I was not exterminated by all of the poison nerve gas smoke and that I did the IMPOSSIBLE in that I kept awake for THREE DAYS and refused ALL FOOD, in order to prevent my SNEAK EXTERMINATION! In accordance with the completely Gangster Computer God concocted-and-manipulated statutory law, one of your Gangster Courts’ requisite duties is to AUTOMATICALLY re-hear my said appeal case because it has been brought to your attention, you hangmanrope Gangsters, that my ENTIRE LIFE was destroyed by you co-conspirators through the Gangster Government’s purgered and fabricated criminal conviction of me in order to fulfil the demands of your Communist God, the Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God. You deadly Parroting Puppet felon Gangsters already know that I have been and AM an INNOCENT primary victim and target for DESTRUCTION and EXTERMINATION because I am a MENACE to your Gangster Computer God, and that I am worse than defenceless without the Gangster Protection and Control of the Gangster Frankenstein Earphone Radio. I stand ALONE against you demented deadly Gangster Parroting Puppets, namely this worse Gangster Communist Computer God controlled Gangster Government! Before I’m exterminated by you hangmanrope underlings, I DEMAND A REPLY!

Francis E Dec, esquire

ADDENDUM: I personally filed my maximum-conviction appeal brief in 1961 with the chief clerk of the US Supreme Court, Washington DC. The chief clerk, he knew me! He sneeringly grabbed my thick, strong homemade appeal brief and then he attempted to rip it up, in desperation the chief clerk of the US Supreme Court ripped of the cover of my appeal brief! Miracously, I stopped him without a deadly scene to me. Then, filing my ripped-appeal brief, the felon and another co-conspirator with the nine hangmanrope Gangster Judges, the chief clerk in cowardly fear in staccato speech and gesticulation, he confessed to me; "Mr. Dec, everyone is in on this one against you, even the attorney general." Namely Bobby Kennedy, younger than his very-young-brother Jack Kennedy, Kennedy then-president. The Kennedy Playboys little fat Bobby was a felon lowest chicanerious UNTOUCHABLE Parroting Puppet Gangster against WORSE-than-defenceless Mr. Francis E Dec, esquire! My quick questioning and the co-conspiring felon chief clerk explained and gave me a new and SPECIAL notice form for ONLY Mr. Francis E Dec, esquire, which had to be mailed to the OPPOSITION, the deadly Gangster district attorney, in order to prevent the dismissal of my appeal case. Leaving quickly; I noticed in the room and hall several approaching uniformed and plain-clothes big-weaponed POLICE! Later, Joseph I Dec, my only brother deadly-villain-murderer and secret-assassin spy-agent against me for this Gangster Government, cursed me stating that I TRICKED the chief clerk of the US Supreme Court, and that I got out of that death-trap FAST!

So, brainwashed-from-birth by the Computer God Threshold Brainwash Radio Parroting Puppet Gangster Slave, if you believe in ANYTHING, forget merely you abiding by the High Holy Law long enough to say one word of pray for ME, for your ONLY HOPE FOR A FUTURE!

FOOTNOTE: Remember, it is Gangster US Supreme Court-written High Holy Law! I’ll give it to you to suck! FINISH HIM!!

In December 1965 when I returned from my Computer God planned one way trip to the snow bound St Lawrence estuary "Poland" my life became even worse deadly than before I left. Even ape nigger Sonny Wally Gray Hempstead cop with another black ape city cop, both in uniform, in their Thunderbird auto, in their driveway, next occupied house to mine, sprayed me with poison nerve gas from their exhaust as I walked by their driveway loaded with shopping bags. Immediately they jumped out of their auto both holding their guns in obvious be-sweated, cowardly, gangster, fright; indubitably well briefed by the deadly gangster CIA cops and Computer God earphone radio about my razor sharp chisel in my pocket. At this time in the late sixties there was no inflation I managed to exist on much less than 1000 a year of my savings spending mostly for food, taxes and kerosene. After several months of my imploring my brother then moved to 2628 Samis Place to sell it for me. Until he left all food etc., was bought with my money, I was his house slave and cook. After he left there were no more torments and mad beatings from him, no more hiding in the garage or cellar while he sodomized the last slut I passed onto him years before, here in my bed, in my house, every weekend, always alone here. I had endless peaceful time to study all the nigger neighbors and slowly write notes piecing together this deadly Frankenstein earphone radio closed society, even in my law office on the corner the Computer God notarized me as a pummeler of niggers, this has helped to keep them away from me.

At first, after my brother left I went shopping two, three times a month as I gained insight into this closed society I went shopping more often. Week after week hundreds of village and top end Hempstead employees not only cops but even commissioners, clerks, parks, and even sanitation employees, many of whom I recognized in all sorts of vehicles they circled the streets of this gigantic ghost town around me these hangman rope sneak deadly gangsters called the government they drop their fake farce staged con artist ploy of shuffling of papers when in the public eye when in reality everything in government taxes bills forms letters all court records etc. are typed and printed by secret 2000 word a minute computer brain machines, there is no one decent and honest in any government, every government employee is a loitering lurking believe nothing gangster parroting puppet of the Computer God. They not only tried to crush me between their vehicles repeatedly but also repeatedly tried to run me down through red light intersections all traffic lights in this country are controlled by the Computer God.

As I walked back and forth aimlessly to the supermarkets at the busiest times of days I saw also reduced the prearranged stripping of supermarket shelves of the food I usually buy, by not going to the same supermarket and reduce the occasions of supermarkets completely set up with government assassins. From childhood I scavenged the countless back alleys of the city like business districts of this village for valuable trash, clothing, even deposit bottles often I would go through back alleys to avoid circling government assassins in their vehicles. At times I would zig-zag several miles to the supermarkets in West Hempstead and slowly return with the food lost in the Super Time Commuter Rush, always I wore a top coat not only to protect against deadly assaults especially the TABIN NEEDLE but also I would put much of the food I purchased under my undershirt like I did apples and pears as a boy from the shopping cart at the back of the supermarket. Even with deadly gangster government assassins circling the parking field sneering and watching me on dashboard and wristwatch eyesight television.

By 1968 with my new and increasing insight of this deadly closed society in the same manner I would sneak around to the half dozen stock brokerage offices here in Hempstead studying the tickertape from the sidewalk and then inside of the offices by the doors and windows. Now they are all boarded empty stores. Likewise I picked the smallest brokerage office by the door I would read and help myself to their investment periodicals etc. and momentarily leave. So I transacted all of my business with unbelievable beginner's luck I judged the Computer God stock market had to have a 1968 summer rally based on this judgment every penny of my money was on maximum margin loan. Finally late in summer a small rally came I quickly sold all but one airline stock, the biggest and worst stock I bought, immediately after I sold the 1968 skyrocket rally began even my airline stock was regaining its losses. From 1959 to 1968 my income was ZERO. I could not even trust banks, such banks as Island Federal Bank of Hempstead gangsterized me and swindled me from childhood in nunnery Catholic grammar school. To prevent my drunken, sodomist brother from robbing my hard earned savings for college, secretly I opened my second bank account, there for snow-balling interest. The cackling, sneering, co-conspiring felon gangster parroting puppet officers of the Island Federal Bank, the two car garage bank on High Street, the tiny building is still extant, gave me the worst niggerly; namely "69" begin and end with death extermination, namely "20", two zeroes, because I am a "one niner", highest and worst stratification, awaiting extermination, namely "19", or the letter "S" the nineteenth letter in the alphabet, THE WORST DEADLY BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE, namely account number "S2069", when this gangster government subsidized bank did not have near 500 depositors. These are enlightening keys to the Computer God Worldwide Top Secret Number Code which stratifies everything, not only the 4 billion living people. The Computer God adopted it for speed and clarity. This said number code is the means to make possible the Computer God Worldwide Containment Policy for stratification. In a few months my investments made me minimum wage for 1968 with great insight into the stock market from my many tiny investments each brokerage office had foyers between double doors and had then installed vertical Venetian blinds or solid panel walls to cover their front windows. They were all darkened like movie theaters. I could see assassins hiding and lurking behind newly added partitions and filing cabinets. I dared not go into any brokerage office. Months went by. One day going shopping I passed my brokerage office, only an unlicensed employee was present it was two minutes before the market closed for the day. I ran in and ordered him to call his main New York office on the direct wire to sell my airline stock at market, as I handed in the stock I always carried for the impossible opening. In a few seconds my airline stock was sold for the biggest profit of almost 500 dollars that I had made. The next morning that airline stock went up about a point and began dropping fast. Since that day it is worth at tops one third my purchase price. Thereafter groups of assassins ready to barge out after me in the foyer lurked in all stock brokerage offices. I did not dare to even watch the tickertape from the sidewalk. I went into hibernation, waiting for the Computer God efforts to murder me in the brokerage offices to relax. Early in 1969, secretly, the Computer God controlled and manipulated gangster government issued a warrant for my immediate arrest and incarceration in a maximum security insanity prison to be cured forever before I could go before any parroting puppet hangman rope gangster judge to give testimony.

Since 1969 I hide alone in this house all deliveries food, etc. I mail order adding 5 bucks for delivery left inside my rear outer cellar door. I snare drug addict niggers and give them 5 or ten dollars plus cab fare to go shopping etc. for me I give them 10 to 15 dollars to cut my grass and 3 or 4 dollars an hour to rake leaves. So many leaves are maliciously scattered in my shoe string yard that it takes a week to rake them into the street and a giant caterpillar scoop and 2 giant trucks to pick them up each year, very expensive for me and big money for the niggers but it has helped keep me alive.

When I bought this house while my brother sodomized sluts I passed onto him in my bed in the back room of my law office at night I slowly remodeled this house laying floors, walls for closets, etc. and ripped out the hot air system and put in hot water radiator system oil burner even while nigger tenants lived here. Years later after my brother left in 1966 I immediately garbaged tons of furniture and many other inflammables he brought here claiming that he scavenged it or that friends gave it to him. For weeks I soaked, washed off all the red wallpaper in most of the rooms to find fresh red paint under it the entire house was a CIA death trap for me set up while I was buying it.

In 1967 and 68 with hundreds of single edge razor blades I chipped off all of the red paint in most rooms and repainted the downstairs rooms. The maliciously ram shackled part of the floor of the upstairs front bedroom I ripped out to find inflammable paper stuffed under it I garbaged in many cartons. I also found new additions to the never used gas lighting pipes I ripped this out completely. After 1969 I found the same under the attic floor and many wooden beams cut, with scavenged wood I store in my garage and bed spring steel angled bars I repaired the cut beams and re-laid the attic floor upside down IT ALMOST LOOKS NEW. The Computer God ram shackled kitchen plaster walls I ripped down and replastered the whole kitchen. Since my brother left in 1966 most of the rooms in this house are empty except for Venetian blinds.

I have vivid memories of sleeping next to a kosher ex-flying captain. This assassin the black ape he told me in detail; "I begged to get back in as a Top Sergeant with felonious double bribe pay; (this ape with slut and breed of three in one month made more pay than my private yearly pauper's GI pay); I make much more than the Civil Service job I had as a Los Angeles Fireman. The Fireman are real bum gangsters they get paid to sleep on the job they have no work to do most of the time they bring in stick girls and have drunk sodomy drug parties in the beds in the firehouse, while on the job they go out and rob stores and homes to get extra money felonious government bribe they murder people and set their house on fire to cover up the murder".

Since 1969 deadly gangster cops have pounded my front door and rear doors opened and entered my rear cellar door even broke fasteners forcing open windows even late at night always screaming for me to come out even these parroting puppet stooge niggers tremble from this "Jer-U.S.A.-lem" kosher constitutional rights now worse with Ronnie. Now after all these years after I've mailed worldwide thousands of my letters exposing the Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God I can once again walk the streets solely as I did before 1969.

Week in the first week my return trips I went by the nigger cab from shopping the third trip the end of the week in the Computer God monsoon rains three nigger women ran into my cab ahead of me I slammed the door on them and told the Cabbie "I ordered this cab and I was not going to sit on the tiny middle stool seat in the back, I was going to sit next to him in the front seat". As he drove his hand trembled holding a cigarette. I saw one of the nigger women reach forward with a deadly TABIN NEEDLE , the Computer God read my brain thoughts namely to pound her arm and twist it off she then withdrew her arm and the five block trip was over, I was home. As always no more cabs for me.

Finally after all these years from my present detailed investment efforts now I will probably reach yearly minimum wage income which is a great increase over past income. The nearest street level brokerage offices, Garden City, has vertical Venetian blinds. Since I have been allowed to walk the streets all buses are new all black glass one way windows. I walk to Garden City and shun buses. My investments are by pay phone and mail. First in the entire world all corner sidewalk curbs are being replaced with smooth corner driveways for non-existent baby carriages and wheelchair pedestrians in this ghost town, ideal for vehicles to drive up on the sidewalk from any direction for the computerized Computer God undetectable extermination.

Completely alone everything is much deadlier for me than 1969. Jimmy Carter visited Mr. Dec's gigantic, nigger, ghost town suddenly hundreds of additional empty stores, buildings, and homes are being bull-dozed into camouflaged empty parking fields.

P.S. As you drive by, on Maple Avenue, since I've hid there, on this three block long street approximately 12 substandard back houses etc., have been ripped down. Now Island Federal Bank glass facade has wall to wall drapes, assassins lurk even Saturday's in the foyer automatic teller five ran in from behind drapes I barged out without cash, change in machine. When I enter Island Federal Bank especially the women teller's etc. sweat and tremble they know they are expendable. No Computer God concocted manipulated farce civil liberties organization to help Mr. Dec through minimum wage income in 1968. The Computer God caused my isolated imprisonment here for over ten years. Again I have now zoomed to present minimum wage which is double 1968. My life is unbelievably worse deadlier than 1968, isolated, only provocateur assassins approach me. When will the Computer God have me dragged away to extermination?

LOOK AT THE PICTURE!!! See the skull, the part of bone removed, the "master-race" Frankenstein radio controls, the Brain-thoughts Broadcasting Radio, the Eyesight Television, the Frankenstein Earphone Radio, the Threshold Brainwash Radio, the latest new skull reforming to contain ALL Frankenstein Controls, even in THIN skulls of WHITE PEDIGREE MALES! Visible Frankenstein controls! The synthetic nerve-radio directional antennae loop! Make copies for yourself! There is NO ESCAPE from this worst gangster police state, using ALL of the deadly gangster Frankenstein controls! In 1965, CIA gangster police BEAT ME BLOODY, dragged me IN CHAINS from Kennedy New York Airport! Since then I HIDE in forced jobless poverty, isolated alone in this low deadly niggertown old house. The brazen, deadly Gangster Police and niggerpuppet underlings spray me with POISON NERVE GAS from automobile exhausts and even lawnmowers! DEADLY ASSAULTS, even in my yard with knives, even bricks and stones, even DEADLY TOUCH TABIN or ELECTRIC SHOCK FLASHLIGHTS; even remote electronically controlled around-corners-projection of DEADLY TOUCH TARANTULA SPIDERS or even bloody-murder "accidents" to shut me up forever with a Sneak Undetectable Extermination! Even with trained parroting puppet assassins in MAXIMUM SECURITY INSANITY PRISON for writing these unforgivable TRUTHS!!

Until my undetectable extermination, I, Francis E. Dec, esq., 29 Maple Avenue, Hampstead, New York, I STAND ALONE against your mad, deadly, worldwide conspiratorial Gangster Computer God Communism with wall-to-wall deadly Gangster protection, life-long sworn conspirators, Murder Incorporated, organized crime, the police and judges, the Deadly Sneak Parroting Puppet Gangsters using all the Gangster deadly Frankenstein controls! These hangmanrope sneak deadly gangsters, the judges and the police, trick, trap, rob, wreck, butcher, and MURDER the people to keep them TERRORIZED in Gangster Frankenstein earphone radio slavery for the Communist Gangster Government and con-artist Parroting Puppet Gangster-playboy scum-on-top! The secret work of all police, in order to maintain a Communist "closed society"! The same worldwide mad deadly Communist gangster computer god that controls YOU as a terrorized Gangster Frankenstein Earphone Radio slave! Parroting Puppet, you are a terrorized member of the "MASTER RACE" worldwide 4 BILLION eye-sight television camera guinea pig Communist Gangster Computer God MASTER RACE! You're LIVING, THINKING mad, deadly worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God SECRET OVERALL PLAN: WORLDWIDE LIVING DEATH FRANKENSTEIN SLAVERY to explore and control the ENTIRE UNIVERSE with the endless "STAIRWAY TO THE STARS" - namely the manmade inside-out planets with nucleonic powered speeds MUCH faster than the speed of light! Look up and see the Gangster Computer God concocted NEW FAKE STARRY SKY! The worldwide completely controlled deadly degenerative climate and atmosphere through the new world round Translucent Exotic Gaseous Envelope which the worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God MANIPULATES through countless exactly positioned satellites; THE NEW FAKE PHONY "STARS" IN THE SYNTHETIC "SKY"!!

For AGES before Frankenstein Controls apeoidic niggers interbreedable with APES had no alphabet, not even NUMERALS! Slavery conspiracy over 300 years ago ideally tiny-brained apeoidic nigger Gangster government Eyesight TV Gangster spy cameras, Computer God New World Order DEGENERATION! When "gifted" with all Gangster Frankenstein controls, nigger deadly Gangster Parroting Puppet or niggertrained PROGRAMMED ROBOTS DEADLY APE-FRANKENSTEIN MACHINES!! Degenerative disease to ETERNAL Frankenstein slavery!! Overall plan through "ONE WORLD COMMUNISM" (Top Secret codeword!!!) meaning "worldwide absolutely helpless-and-hopeless simple-languaged mongrel-mulatto- apeoidic NIGGERS"!!

Worldwide, systematic instant plastic surgery BUTCHERY MURDER, fake ageing so ALL people are dead or useless by age 70! Done at night to YOU as a Frankenstein slave! Parroting puppet Gangster slave, now even you know I am a MENACE to your worldwide, mad, deadly Communist Gangster Computer God! Therefore, I must go to extermination. Before I am exterminated by this gangster, Computer God concocted and controlled worst mongrel organized crime murder incorporated Gangster Communist government, I hand YOU the secrets to save the entire human race, and the entire UNIVERSE!

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