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This article was made because of the user CI2(A*a*).This page is boring. I know. I was forced to make this stupid silly retard page.


There once was a dry chocochips and a wet chocochips. The dry chocochip wanted to be wet, so he went to the wet chocochip "Wet chocochip! how can i be wet like you?" WetChocochip replied"it's simple!" ?? ? ? ? ? ? "Jump in the lake!"

There once was a couple. They had no child so they had to adopt a child. When their adopted child was 1, they had a child. So the father drowned the adopted child in the lake. After few years, the father and the child went fishing in the lake. Then the caught something. They reeled it up and they saw thing that drowened in the lake few years ago.... ? ? ? ? ? it was the dry chocochip. Wait, it cant be dry if its in a lake, doy.

unfunnyjokes 101[edit]

There once was a pink pig. The farmer hated the pig because all it did was eat. So the farmer threw the pig in the road. He came back and so the pink pig sleeping. The farmer then threw the pig in the garbage. He came back and saw the pig eating. The farmer got rea00:23, 18 Yoon 2008 (UTC)~LLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY mad. He sent the pig to kanoda. The pink pig ? ? ? ? ? ? never came back.

There were japanese people in the airport waiting for an idol. The first plane came. "YONG SAMAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" a old guy came. the second plane came. "YOOONNNNGGGGG SSAAAAMMMMAAA~!!!!!!" george bush came out. some of the japanese fans threw rocks on him. the final plane came. the japanese fans were full of excitement. "YOOOONNGGG SSSSSAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The pink pig came out. 'Nuff said.



Grammer problem[edit]

hilo me nam ees eeeeeevieeeellllwwwarioszzsz. Me haty CI2 hoo hats Lord Caz. me nothing have say so i say bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. ablah. duh.,.......................................................................*drool*...............

You, of course.