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This page has no doubt been well and truly terrorized by Darkgenome.
No doubt about it, now you are all DEAD.
  Yep, deady di do dos!!!  

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Here is a list of almost all the articles that belong to little old me. Yes, I own them. Get off my property! No, please read my articles. Or else nobody but me will. I read them all when I'm bored. :) Some of them are absolute cronnox, I warn yer.

Bob on, dear Watson. Now, invent the time machine now and I will share my bacon buttie.

Mah lispt[edit]

ThickZelderBreakfastHow is one?Pea Stuntin'Jumping jihovases!BritchesonatorSick noteGiggityOh my god terminator just cut his arm open!Derren BrownBoringJunkLuck/FateYou can never win this!Funny things that are yellowLifes many questionsGimme the futureDinnerThe endless usernameAn AWESOME storyBleeProblemCheezePhoneBearsGreat Rhyming Tips For KidsJokes

Stuff that may not neccesarily be articles[edit]

Visit my country! It's called the Island of Blee. Its my bedroom. Not many people live there yet and its very likely there is a population max of one, so it sucks.

Here is my Hallowe'en(Fear) Arousing Story entry.

I'm also working on a game. Its called Super Mario. That is, if you replace those two words with Alex In Illogicoland. Have a gander at the premise, if you will.