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Hey look its that gothy guy i know. Bugger, wheres a joke when you need it?

~ Jojo Randomise on Darkflame...ETC.


heys whats up people! This is the official website for chavs! *what! this isnt the official website! Goddammit!* *nervous laugh* Um, hehe, um we appear to be experiencing techinical difficulties, um, TAXI!!!!

ARRRRGGGHHHHHH! Surely your not mad at me too!!!!

OK OK OK. Im sorry, but did you have to kill me!

Hey cool ive had a sex change!

The odd thing is, im a Goth, and suddenly im an angel!!!????? Im gotta complain to God about this!

Hello? Yes. I see... Ok, ill have it changed right away. See you in Hell (from heaven)

Damn right!

Now where was I? Ahhh yes, being poked and prodded and generally treated like a king down here. I never thought Hell would have such great chargrilled cat! Im going to go and see Satan soon. I hear he is deeply misunderstood. The devil chicks im talking to are literally Chicks! Satan is apparantly a duck and has a master plan to conquer the Earth!