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Chapter uno:Unaware of such elements[edit]

I was sitting on a pineapple tree one day, and noticed something perculiar. "Fiddlesticks!!" I remarked. My 1887 willow tree was on fire. I took my wallking cane and strolled over to the other side of the lake to investigate such a myestery. "Helloo? Anybody there?" I asked politeley. "I have tea and buiscits, if you want to pursue in my company i would be more than deighted!" i bribed to the tree. The tree made no answer.

Chapter due:It all starts to unfold[edit]

Suddenly a small monkey jumped out of the flaming tree. "Good morning dear chap!" i said. "Niyce to meat tyo!!!" he half - heartedly replied.

"Would you like some tea?"

"No. Flea juice better."

"Sorry, I happen not to have any of this - flee juice. Would you like some tea?"

"Ear, come with me, and i will show you great things. Just folla me froogh dis burning tree."

"'Tis a willow , in fact"

"K, follow me through this willa den."

"Okay- umnn... Tally ho!"

Chapter tre:I am monkey[edit]

As soon as went into the tree on fire, the monkey told me to follow him into the black hole.My face blew like a human kite, which encouraged the monkey me as exactly that.

"Excuse me, monkee, what be your name?"
"Me? I am monnkey. Rabies the monkey."
"Nice to meet you...rabies.."


We av arrived!, said rabies. Personally i don't feel comfortable travelling dimensions with a monkey called rabies, but so be it.

Chapter quatro: New land,New life[edit]

We landed head first under a sign saying.... Welkom two Illogiar!!! Rabies then led me into a building which was obviously holding a meeting. By what i heard it was like this:

Seppy:So, thats why we need enviromently friendly toilet paper on illogicopedia.

Sir asema:I PROTEST!

Testosteriech:I PROTEST TOO!!

Ryan:If we are to have enviromentally friendly toilet paper, shouldn't we have nuclear toilets?


Seppy (to me): We have a new guy! Hello...what is your name?

MeUmmnnnnn...... I don't have one........


Sir asema:I PROTEST!!!

Testosteriech:I PROTEST TOO!!!

Ryan: Oh bloody hell, just take him to the machine!!

 *Fight breaks out*

THE:I'm just taking him now!!!

 *Another fight breaks out. Me, THE and ryan crawl out*

Chapter Cinque:The machine thingy[edit]