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HowTo:Deal with doorstep sellers (mad scientist version)

So there I was, working out on the wing of an airplane as usual when I happened to look inside and there was William Shatner! I'd recognize that toupée anywhere. He was right in the window seat over the wing. So I leaned into the window to say hi and he just went all freakazoid on me. At first, I thought he was just playing around because his acting is pretty bad and he knows it. But then he started getting scary and
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  • …that Chief Little Crow (1810-1863) spent much of his life in Minnesota, where he was the head of a Santee band?
  • …that the duchy of Upper Bavaria was created for the first time with the First Bavarian partition in 1255 under duke Louis II but there was no exact identity with the current territory?

  • …that NuBlues was discovered by Grammy Award-winning artist Chris Thomas King, known to many for his performance in O’ Brother, but well known also as a performer in his own right?
  • …That in 2000, Madoka Mako produced a manga titled The History of Japanese Christianity, a controversial work among Japanese Christians?
  • …that negative pulldown describes the film perforations per frame, the direction of film transport, and standard frame speed?

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