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Ideas for the land-ownership system[edit]

Okay, so each party controls a specific region on the map. Though the map is crude, the legend details who the land belongs to; "contested" areas are being vied for. Until a suitable system can be worked out, all land is fixed to one owner; dark green patches of land indicate free land; you may take a small chunk of this land as your own for your party.

We could divide the land into a grid (i.e. 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, etc.), and at the end of each week, a party declares it's actions to be taken. A party deals damage to an enemy land equal to twice it's total members if it chooses to attack a piece of land. Each piece of land, ideally, has 200 hit points. A party with more than 10 members can choose actions for every ten members to take. Other possible actions include repairing, which is the opposite of dealing damage, restoring hit points to the land, or more complex actions, should this be found not to be too complicated. I was considering adding a points system and the ability to buy things such as "Heal Adds" or "Damage Adds" with the points you get each week, but that might be too complicated. I was thinking of it more as a game. Pending the "for" or "against" of this idea, I will complete the map.

Though for a wiki it sounds strange, it could add a more cerebral element to actually owning Illogicopedia, and the party-wide debates on what actions to take could be fun, too.

I'll willingly admit, however, that it's less illogical than I intended and that it may be unsuitable. Asema 12:51, 31 Jumbly 2007 (UTC)