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To help regulate how Uncyclopedia lost itself to newbies editting the site, and vandalism, I have a few policies to suggest:

  • Other than IPs of admins, anonymous IPs, after their

first edit, will be asked to register. If they continue editting (3 edits), they will be told to register or be burned. If they continue (5+ edits), they will be banned and given the suggestor of this rule, Asema (asemaleyite AT gmail DAWT com)'s email to ask unbanning. If they do it again, permaban.

  • Newbies are those who are less than 2 months of age on

Illogicopedia, or have asked to feign (on their talk page) and added the category "Feigners" to their talk page. They have benefits, and some non-benefits:

Pros: People go easy on you, you can make silly mistakes, you'll have time to choose an Illogiment party (you aren't forced to join one when the time is right.)

Cons: Cannot run for admin/mod/op/half-op, cannot join the podcast.