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This is my idea to accomodate political parties other than the Big 3.

Feral, or Independent Parties[edit]

Feral or Independent (usually only when the party is actually independent) parties are either subsets of the big three, having surrendered to a party or worked under the evil gaze of the party since their creation, or they are independent armies working to achieve one or more specific goals (rather than take over Illogia).

Rules for Creation[edit]

Each party must have one designated leader and at least one designated successor; should the leader be unavailable for 90 days, the successor is free to take the throne. In total, there must be three members (including leader and successor). In addition, each party is recommended to make their own logo.

Party Pages[edit]

Though each party does indeed get its own page, it should have it's alignment appended to the end,. i.e. "Ducks for Ducks (Independent)." It is fine for said parties to be under the Illogicopedia namespace. Such a page should list party goals, and members within. Such pages should be isolated; thus, you will not be listed on the same page as the Big 3 (except for a text link at the bottom of the page); the leader is free to put whatever he wishes on it.


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