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Introduction of Adam Dorsett[edit]

Adam Dorsett is currently the worlds best Australian/Mexican/Turkish/African Professional Boxer the world is yet to see out of all his fights he has never lost a match (not including the one where he was jumped by 3 mountain goats with lazer beams)


Adam Dorsett vs 50 cent = WIN

Adam Dorsett vs Mike Tyson = WIN

Adam Dorsett vs Robert Dunlop = WIN

Adam Dorsett vs Osama Bin Laden = WIN

Adam Dorsett vs Drunk Home-less Man (Chris) = WIN

Adam Dorsett vs Man On Bike = WIN

Adam Dorsett vs You = WIN


since Adam was 3 years old he knew he wanted to be a boxer, he trained and trained and by the age of 5 was the toughest kid in the sandbox. at 6 he had his own clothing line and at 6 1/2 was addicted to orange juice. by the time he was 8 he was taking 4 hits of orange juice a day, his fighting skills weakening every hit, that is until Thomas Byrne (an up and coming star producer) took him under his wing and got him off the juice. with Tom's help he regained his world title 'King of all other Boxers' and was finally back on top where he belonged


Now Adam is happily retired at the age of 16 and spends most of his time on the internet downloading songs and making up stupid stories on websites like this but still accepts a boxing match if challenged.