There's no business like

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...nose business. That's what they say. Because somewhere on the Earth there's a cowboy smiling. What's he smiling about? Who knows? Even more, who cares? But do the the flagella know as the nose grows into telephone poles? And that's no whale, that's a narwhal. A narwhal from Norway. No way Norway, you might say, but that's rhyming and not sliming. Only the narwhals know noses since they have a nose for news and a head for business, the hole reason for this discourse, not that course. Of course.

It is your own business to show off your own business but let me tell you, you'd better keep all your nose out of everyone else's business. Learn the lesson of the Permian Extinction and evolve into a being of more than just one nostril. You might think that this is a passing fad, but it is stuck to you like a facehugger on grandma's cheezburger. While a third eye might bring you peace of mind, a third nostril might bring you a piece of cake. Scary to think about, no?