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There once was a dog who went on an extraordinary adventure. His name is The. This is his story.


The walked down the street. He peed on a few bushes. He made a poopoo on Old Man's lawn. Old Man came out and yelled " you stupid dog! go take a crap on your own lawn!!" The looked up. All he could see was a black and white Old Man yelling at him in Human. The could not understand Human. So, he jumped up on Old Man's lap and crushed him under his fluffy body. Weee Wooo Weee Wooo!!!!! The knew that sound. It was the Dog Snatcher!!!!!!!! The ran for his life. The "Snatcher" unleashed the wrath of his almighty rhinos on The. Then The ran into his dog mansion and flushed himself into the toilet. "Rufff!!!" he said.

The Almighty Wrath of The Sewer Gator![edit]

The fell into the murky depths of the toxic waste. He heard a rumbling noise. It was coming from ten feet away. He barked " rooof!". No answer. THEN THE ALMIGHTY SEWER GATOR JUMPED UP AND ATE HIM CLEAN AS A WHISTLE. The pooed a mighty storm in The gator's mouth. Choke! Chjoke! chojk! and yes he did. The swam the backstroke up the river which was running down. Strange. The noticed something strange. His stomach was tumbling. Then The farted. Hehe.

OOh NOOo![edit]

"I feel pretty! Oh so pretty" barked The. He was ricocheting off the fishies in the deep blue sea. Why was he there? He did not know. He just was. Sharks!!!! They circled The. Marty!!Marty!! he yelled. Marty was The's brother. He was a giant squid. RRRRROOOOOAAAARRR!!!!!! Marty said. Bye Buy sharks. Then the illogicopedia pickle article came. Although it was ironic cuz the article has not been chosen yet! NO, I will not tell u wat article came. It said "Nana na na na weeerrrrrriiiiddooooohhahhahhhahhahhahashshdhdhshahhdhvhddddd!!!" " wat?" said The. ????????/???? SHACCACA!!!


The woke up. What a day dream he thought. Then he ran inside.