The Treachery of Images (2005)

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Captcha 01.jpg

The Treachery of Images is a 2005 work by multimedia artist David Hockney. It is based on an earlier work by René Magritte using the same name. The original has appeared several times in gallery exhibitions, while the image itself is well known on the internet.

It is this fame that has caused legal problems between Hockney and Captcha LLC. The latter assumed the work was in the public domain and converted it "for lulz" as something to irritate vandals trying to hack websites. It has proven to be so effective at keeping people out of websites that netizens now stick exclusively to cat pictures and porn. The apps, also called captchas, have also been used to provide the highest level of security for both terrorist groups and the CIA. The app is very popular with website administrators, as they now have nothing to do.

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