The Temptations

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The Temptations, like the Furies, were a group of Greek deities. They were responsible for creating urges in the human race, hence the name.

Since people are never responsible for their own actions and do not have original ideas, the Temptations would create ideas in their heads for them to act on. Ideas like 'Should I have another piece of pie?' or 'Of course if I light the fireworks whilst holding it my teeth/in my crotch/between my arse cheeks, I can easily toss it away in time'. This would create great entertainment for the other gods back on Mt. Olympus using otherwise dull and useless humans. These events would be collected in a 'Best of' series and could be watched in small fountains and birdbaths at any time. Note that humans were never forced to do these things, but the mere suggestion of doing something would cause them to act in unpredictably idiotic ways. And while monkeys could be amusing on their own, humans could always top them for sheer stupidity every time. Hence the ancient Greek term 'ROFLMAO'.

Despite most of the Greek pantheon passing into oblivion, the Temptations are still with us today and still active. This is most evident in the UK, where, curiously, white northerners still dance to soul music performed by black people and not watered-down versions stolen by white singers. And of course, the upper limits of human potential for looniness continue to be explored as shown by the great number of Jackass-type videos online.