The Noid

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AVOID THE NOID! (in most cases)

The Noid is a red bunny-suit thing that does bad things to pizza.

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He's kinda sorta evil, but forced to join the Universal NEDM Army due to not being evil enough for Bonzi or Geoffrey. This has been named the Noid Effect in his honor. He is predicted to be the next advisor of the UNEDMA.


  • He once led an UNEDMA/PHVOFSMA joint faction in the infamous Battle of the Inter-Universal Portal to assist the multiverse's good armies to fend off an attack from the evil Darth Bonzamia (Bonzi Buddy fused with Tamia), Happycat and Phyllis Hyman reflecting that anyone could be a good guy.
  • He hates Domino's Pizza because they Noid-proofed their pizza with a bunch of chemicals that coincidentally make it taste like cardboard.
  • Before he joined the UNEDMA, he made an arcade video game called the Pizza Delivery Game to raise money for himself so he could buy more devices that ruined pizza. However, it was hacked by a Domino's exec to make it unbeatable.
  • Later, he made a Nintendo game called Yo! Noid! to raise money for UNEDMA.
  • He has a ripoff named Timer (WatermelonSunshine is making a page for him).