Tennessee Fire

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Tennessee Fire is an acquired taste. Jeez lady, you don't drink it from a ceramic cup. That's what the bottle is for.

“Don't just stand there, call 9-9-1!”

Tennessee Fire is Jack Daniel's whiskey with cinnamon added, since all the good additives were already taken. Now if you just want fire, any cheap bourbon will do, even just Everclear stirred with a dirty stick. Why you can't just sip Jack with hot cinnamon candy in your mouth is not clear, except a recent survey showed that Jack drinkers aren't all that coordinated to start.

Just like mescal with a worm in the bottle or the Korean liquor with a snake in it, Jack Daniels is also experimenting with animals to put in the bottle. Sharks are an obvious choice, but the company wants them alive and mean. This concept is still in the pre-production stage, however. The problem is not getting the sharks to come out of the bottle, but getting them into the bottle.

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