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You need to constantly check your teeth. For example, those teeth stuck in your ankle. Are those yours or do they belong to that alligator next to you?

And you, Miss Paleontologist: take those fossil remains you are carefully uncovering. Are you really sure that's not one of your teeth that might have fallen out? It's really brown and everything, but you do like drinking coffee, yes? So then you should take things to the next step and make sure that skull on the ground isn't yours, too. It pays to be careful with your teeth AND bones.

The same warning goes out to you future cannibals out there, camping with friends in the wilderness. Did you remember to bring along a flat or half-round file to touch up your teeth in case the worst happens (for them)? You can be sure that at least some of the others brought theirs plus night vision goggles in case they are pursued in pitch blackness. Just imagine your embarrassment at having to eat their tripe instead of juicy steaks. Don't forget to pack some dental floss, too.