Ted Bundy

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Not Ted Bundy. Close enough.

“Daddy, is he one of our relatives?”

If there was anyone who used his talents to maximum effect, that might be serial killer Ted Bundy.

Handsome, charismatic and a good actor/faker, Bundy could have easily become a popular politician AND a serial killer. Instead, he decided to specialize and take the easy road, since necrophilia is less morally offensive than what politicians do every day. He also would have made a good magician as he was excellent at escaping whenever he was caught.

He drove around in a VW Beetle with "Ride and die" on its side with a "serial killer on board" sign in the window, yet young women were still always happy to hitch a ride with Bundy. This was even after seeing the blood-spattered interior and severed heads rolling around on the back seat: "Hey, is that Emily? She owes me $20."

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