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I love nipples of female breasts in titty tops even they are LBGT. 03:54, Ergust 11, 2014 (UTC)  Trolling Trolls

Here is the new catergories that we need: Shames, Video Shames, Board Shames, TV Shames, Viacom, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Bandai Namco, YouTube Poop, MLG, Meme, Creepypasta, DreamWorks, Sony, Hasbro, Square Enix, Konami, Warner Bros., Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Hal. Lab, Pokemon Company, Sora, NCsoft, Indie, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Take Two, Bethesda, Team 17, Nitanic, Oculus, Supercell, Telltale Games, Universal Studios, 20 Century Fox, PBS Kids, Mind Candy, Ganz, TV Shows, Movies, Towns, Cities, Town, City, Planets, Planet, Island, Islands, MMORPG, MMORPGs, Team, Squad, Teams, Squads, Alternative, Alternate, Object, Objects, Thing, Things, Toy, Toys, Website, Websites, Tool, Tools, Food, Foods, Weapon, Weapons, Place, Places, Smart, Clever, Cool, Epic, Awesome, Great, Greatest, Super, Hero, Heroes, Warriors, Warrior, Heroic, Power Level Over 9000, Power Level Under 9000, Medicine, Antidote, Helpful, Helper, Helpers, Optimistic, Optimist, Optimists, Conformist, Conformists, Love, Caring, Cute, Cuddly, Beauty, Beautiful, Tough, Good, Happy, Brave, Strong, Event, Events, Party, Parties, Battle, Battles, War, Wars, Total War, Total Wars, Boss Battles, Boss Battle, Fight, Fights, Contest, Contests, Holiday, Holidays, Mission, Missions, Awesome places to be at, Cold Places, Hot Places, Cool Places, Warm Places, Safe Places, Good Places, Great Places, Dry Places, Wet Places, Galaxy, Galaxies, Dimension, Dimensions, Alternate Dimension, Alternate Dimensions, Alternative Dimension, Alternative Dimensions, Alternative Universe, Alternative Universes, Alternate Universe, Alternate Universes, Universe, Universes, World, Worlds, Disney World, Disney Worlds, Disney Place, Disney Places, Cartoon Network World, Cartoon Network Worlds, Nickelodeon World, Nickelodeon Worlds, Cartoon Network Place, Cartoon Network Places, Nickelodeon Place, Nickelodeon Places, Respawnables, Respawnable, Respawnable Characters, Respawnable Character, Trust, Love, Caring, Peace, Bravery, Happiness, Protect, Respect, Nice, Good, Brave, Interesting, Greatest, Great, Wisdom, Courage, Power, Truth, Idea, Heart, Soul, Light, Life, Order, Perfect, Smart, Clever, Cool Epic, Cute, Cuddly, Tough, Beautiful, Beauty, Mercy, Friend, Family, Friends, Families, Best, Safety, Safe, Important, Popular, Polite, Awesome, People, Person, Character, Animal, Animals, Cat, Cats, Dog, Dogs, I love cats, Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore, Reptiles, Reptile, Bird, Birds, Mammal, Mammals, Fish, Fishies, Inscets, Inscet, Bug, Bugs, Shaming Systems, Super Sentai, Mecha, Mecha, Combined, Combiners, OMG TEH EPICNESS

New Bad Categories Needed: Lame, Dull, Boring, Dumb, Stupid, Retarded, Brainless, Idiotic, Foolish, Grouchy, Grumpy, Aggressive, Abnormal, Angry, Mad, Miserable, Mindless, Demonic, Dead, Killer, Bad, No Memory, Lifeless, Crazy, Selfish, Terrible, Horrible, Cruel, Dangerous, Awlful, Annoying, Unsafe, Nightmarish, Illegal, Allergic, Queasy, Tragic, Fat, Flat, Infamous, Hated, Chaos, Bad Luck, Bad News, Conflict, Conflicts, Argument, Punishment, Punished, Weak, Fake, Blantant, Disobedient, Filthy, Rotten, Stinky, Inchoate, Hacked, Terror, Destruction, Despair, Depression, Discord, Disorder, Bankrupted, Dirty, Nasty, Disgusting, Morbrid, Useless, Shoddy, Rude, Offensive, Spam, Lies, Lie, Disrespect, Disrespectful, Reculant, Disapproval, Deadly, Restricted, Prohibited, Unstable, Abuse, Bitter, Extinct, Extinction, Defiant, Wicked, Colorless, Reckless, Bizarre, Poor, Scary, Creepy, Creepiest, Worst, Betrayal, Villain, Villains, Criminal, Criminals, Nazis, Nazi, Spartan, Spartans, Evil Organization, Fail, Fails, Epic Fails, Epic Fail, Poisonous, Toxic, Poison, Dark, Darkness, Dark Side, Evil Scientist, Evil Genius, Evil Scientists, Evil Geniuses, Creeps, N00bs, Noobs, Noob, N00b, Jerks, Jerk, Dork, Dorks, Idiot, Idiots, Dummy, Dummies, Virus, Viruses, Disease, Diesases, Hero to Villain, Heroes to Villains, Anti-Hero, Anti-Heroes, Failure, Failures, Destroys planets, Destroys dimensions, Sith Warrior, Sith Warriors, Retard, Retards, Malware, Malwares, Malicious, Computer Virus, Computer Viruses, Hackers, Hacker, Best Nightmare, Best Nightmares, Nightmares, Nightmare, Scariest, Immortal, Immortal, Demon, Demons, Preadors, Preador, Liar, Liars, Bully, Bullies, Cyberbully, Cyberbullies, Bootleg, Bootlegs, Stupidity, Assholes, Asshole, Crook, Crooks, Destroyers, Destroyer, Terrorist, Terrorists, Burglar, Burglars, Dictatorship, Dictatorships, Dictator, Dictators, Evil Squads, Evil Groups, Weak Guys, Wimpy, Wimps, Slaves, Slave, Lamest, Dumbest, Blacklist, Discipline, Curse, Counterfeit, Counterfeits, Imposter, Imposters, End, The End, Blocked, Banned, Coward, Cowards, Blind, Bloody, Blood, Vengeance, Vendetta, Crucified, Crucifixion, Corpse, Contyray, Nerd, Nerds, Moron, Morons, Brat, Brats, Poop, Jerks, Jerk, Freak, Freaks, Fool, Fools, Aliens, Alien, Mutant, Mutants, Racist, Racists, Racism, Outlaw, Outlaw, Slaughter, Slaughtered, Alleries, Allergy, Wrong, False, Derp, Derps, Troll, Trolls, Nemesis, Nemesises, Panic, Devil, Devils, Satanist, Satanists, Thief, Theives, Careless, Hater, Loser, Haters, Losers, Strict, Stern, Serious, Extremely Protective, Cigarettes, Cigarette, Alcohol, Alcoholic, Drugs, Drug, World Domination, Takeover the world, Weak People, Unfair, Unsafe for kids, NOT 4 KIDZ!!!!!, WRONG!!!!, Evil Website, Evil Websites, Evil Wiki, Evil Wikis, Unsafe for everyone, NOT 4 EVERYONE!!!!!, Dangerous Wikis, Dangerous Wiki, Wikis that scare Baby Jesus, Websites that will betray you, Wikis that will betray you, Wikis that were Idiot Manipulation, Websites that were Idiot Manipulation, Wikis that you will die, Websites that you will die, Wikis that will poison you, Websites that will poison you, Websites that give you nightmares, Wikis that give you nightmares, RV Vandalism, Websites that is against you, Wikis that is against you, Websites that vandalize others, Wikis that vandalize other less strict Wikis, Wikis that aren't interesting, Websites that aren't interesting, Wikis that will beat you up, Websites that will beat you up, Wikis that will brainwash you, Websites that will brainwash you, Wikis that will mind-control you, Websites that will mind-control you, Scary as Giygas, Ugly as Creepypasta, People that do drugs, People that got drunk, Picking their nose with their middle finger, People that got hurt by Milo Murphy and Murphy's Law, People that got zapped by Doof's Inators, Wikis that have evil administrators, Websites that have evil administrators, Wikis that will banished you to other unstrict wikis, Wikis that will erase your memories, Wikis that will erase your existence, Wikis that forced you to move to another unstrict wiki, Wikis that hated you the most, Wikis that hates individuals, Party hard!, Hell Yeah!, Places that you will die, Places that you'll get banished, Illegal Places, Dangerous Places, Evil Places, Ugly Places, Dark Places, Weak Places, Places that make you panic, Places that gives you nightmares, Queasy Places, Dank Places, Dark Sides, Guys that got trolled, Guys that got jinxed by Milo Murphy, Anti-Villains, Anti-Villain, Guys that have personal opposition, Guys that have plausible deniability, Guys that got mutated by the Kraang Subprime and Prime, Guys that got defeated by Omega Flower, Guys that got raped by Queen Sectiona, Guys that got crushed by Super Dimento, Guys that got parlyazed by Giygas, Guys that got eliminated by Magolor, Guys that got turned into Weegee Clones, Guys that got turned into Doofenshmirtz Clones, Guys that got scared by the evil clones of the Teletubbies during their childhood, Guys that got scared by a evil clones of Barney during their childhood, Guys that got thrown into the German Prison, Negative Influences, Negative Influence, Vandalism Villains, Retarded Racists, Misbehaving Murders, Creepy Criminals, Foolish Freaks, Demonic Dorks, Nasty Nerds, Betrayal Burglars, Rotten Retards, Inchocate Idiots, Vandalism Villain, Retarded Racist, Misbehaving Murder, Creepy Criminal, Foolish Freak, Demonic Dork, Nasty Nerd, Betrayal Burglar, Rotten Retard, Inchocate Idiot, Not Epic, Not interesting, Not Smart, Not Good, Not Important, Not Popular, Not Great, Thug, Thugs, Deadly, Nightmares Made Flesh, Batcrap Insane, Harassment, Harassments, Argument, Arguments, Sucker, Suckers, Fucker, Fuckers, People who scared Woody, Person who scared Woody, Bottom Feeders, Bottom Feeder, Greedy, Fools pitied by Mr. T, Fool pitied by Mr. T, Things that scare. Woody, Thing that scare Woody, Embarrassing, Embarrassment, Embarrassments, Jackass, Jackasses, Motherfucker, Motherfuckers

I'm not sure we can make a Nude or Nudity category, as it is against Wikia policy. Cg097 (talk) 23:02, Aym 28, 2017 (UTC)

Is this the same guy who did the list of villains? MyOwnBadSelf (talk · stalk) 05:03, Aym 29, 2017 (UTC)

Probably. Wackypedia seems to have been invaded by at least one UnAnything Wiki user. Cg097 (talk) 02:39, Yoon 1, 2017 (UTC)