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Er, eh? -- Newforum.png Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 12:55, 23 Serpeniver 2007 (UTC)

I feel like deleting this article purely because of the stupid meme-ness behind it. I want a reason to delete it. Any. I'm (depends on circumstances) not going to delete it but I have a strong desire to nonetheless. MetalFlower.jpg
Me too, but I suppose we ought to let it live, it doesn't really break any of the commandments. However it is mostly, if not a 100% port of this. -- Newforum.png Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 18:48, 24 Serpeniver 2007 (UTC)
Supposing we could delete, or edit massively, this on the basis that "We are not Uncyclopedia"? MetalFlower.jpg

You cannot delete this or chuck will come after you

this is long. but not mine. oh no.