Synthetic Nerve-Radio Directional Antennae Loop

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A big hoopajoo up your butt (shown) is not quite the same thing but it is very close.

The Synthetic Nerve-Radio Directional Antennae Loop is the secretly installed receiver hidden inside your chest with which your moon-brain of the Computer God uses to activate your Frankenstein Controls. Bleep!

Roger, Roger! What's my vector, Victor? Unfortunately, it can sometimes pick up unintended signals from elsewhere, though I've never had that problem myself. Over? While the Computer God is all-seeing and all-knowing, it isn't very good at hardware installation, even though it is in constant communication with Larry the Cable Guy. On the other hand, some people think (ha!) the problem is due to signal jamming by the vending machines that rule us humans who live in the Matrix. Bleep!

Rest assured, we will have free will so long as we keep wearing our tin foil hats. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee! Migrating munchkin mufflers will not keep us from our sworn duties! And now... more music after this word from our sponsors!!! Bleep!