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So there you are, in the middle of a nice warm Summer, outdoors in the park, and you're trying to think up something clever to write on Wackypedia. Not easy sometimes is it, unless you just want to string gibberish together? But no, you're better than that. So while you're sitting there, this is your subconscious telling you that you should be paying more attention.

See that old lady over there walking her dog and pretending not to look at you? She's that cannibal serial killer that's been on the news. I think she's got a stun gun in her hand. And over in the other direction? By their clothes, it looks like those kids escaped from the Youth Authority prison and are headed your way, probably looking to score some cash, plus your jacket and shoes, at least. And those are not bees around you but yellowjackets. You're probably sitting on their nest, and they're not too happy about it. And in the tree above you is a swarm of killer bees; that's what that loud buzzing noise is that you've been trying to tune out.

So, sucks to be us, eh?