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A street? Do I really need to be so obvious? It's the place for cars and stuff.

Now "the street" is slang for a gritty urban environment. And there are street people but it's not like they're hanging out in the middle of a street. At least, not all the time. Do they cook street food on hot asphalt or something? It tastes like it sometimes. Street performers? Don't get me started about mimes.

So, not to be an asshole or anything, but you probably shouldn't sleep in the middle of the street. I get it that it's nice and warm and all. But still. And you probably want to get some drycleaning done what with those tire marks on your back. Besides, this my sleeping street. See, that's where my roadkill pillow used to be. So I'll be a nice guy and give you ten minutes to move along. But if you insist on staying, I'll have to send the Elephants of Unrequited Shame to get medieval on your ass. Oh, and stay off the 303 Freeway. that's mine, too.