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Tired of his old model, Hawking decided to go all the way and have a full body robot transplant.

Stephen Hawking (pronounced 'Steven Talking' by his computer) is mastermind gifted whom is secretly trying to take over the world one field of science at a time, beginning with astrophysics and moving on to Molecular biology. The 5 1/2th incarnation of The Doctor, he has also done it with Billie Piper but not Catherine Tate. Shudder.

“Am I "bothered". Am I "bothered"... though. Look at my face. Do I look "bothered" to you.”

~ Hawking

Personal data[edit]

Stephen Hawking 2: Pro Wheelchair - catering for the disabled sports games market.

Steven Hawking's arch nemesis is Gaz, who appears at inopportune moments such as when Hawking is taking a dump, checking the football pools or singing karaoke.

He is your computer's default voice, no matter what Microsoft Sam thinks.

Oh yeah, he's also a robot.

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