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Captain Picard, Commander Riker, and Data on their way to a holodeck-generated Phyllis Hyman concert
Firing massive graviton torpedo... of doom.

Computer, monitor the bridge officers for stupidity and ineptness. In such a case, beam them 2 km off the port nacelle

~ The Captain

Stardate is 60719499491706.0 or only 0.60719499491706

Space in Star Trek is used for valuable means of transportation and for communication. Star Trek usually but not always gets in serious trouble, but it ends soon using some random techniques. It can be quite tricky. HA HA HA. Lots and lots of stars...

Make sure to watch Klingon vs. Borg.

On the other hand it can be as tall as 117.4 meters but cosmic winds may break entire construction. Only defense is firing defensive measures, to evade eternal death. Engage!

Captain Picard:"Number One, do these trousers make me look sexy?"
Riker:"Er, captain, when I said I'd back you up and be there to help you out with anything, I kinda meant spaceship-wise; besides, Phyllis Hyman looks better than you, anyhow." *carefully puts the captains underpants down*
Captain Picard:"Hmmm, that's not the attitude of a Starfleet Officer. We must be willing to embrace all cultures, no matter how bizarre they may seem."
Riker:"Yes... but... why are you in my quarters.... naked?"