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Squirm as you have never squirmed before! For the time is nigh for the time is night. Goodnight Moon! When the caustic thunder of irascible monkeytude does not align with our cannonballistic natures, only the multicolored Frog of Justice can act in concert with the known limits of your underpants. Weave whatever cagey spell you might have in your repertoire but remember what you have in your armoire. Horizontal toupee? Buddha Nature?! I think not, nor do I eleven. YOU SHALL NOT PASH! Squirmy worms can only turn toward the Dark Side while sleigh bells ring around Saturn in the cold ardvaarkness of space and thyme. The Gray Filing Cabinet of Doom awaits thee! This I sweat!

Halt, I say! Do not turn and spurn mine speech which has just only just wandered into the second paragraph! Your fate is sealed just as your feet are sailed, or something something something. Extemporaneous speech may rain words into the drizzle of confusitude heretofore, but my flowery speech and soothing words may yet convince you to buy these massive yet tasty bars of chocolate to support your local high school band withal!