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Let's leave square roots to the experts.

In the last act of Donald Trump before leaving his post as Putin's stooge president, it is now illegal to take the square root of anything. YAY!!!

Now all math nerds can be sent to Siberian work camps where they belong and will actually enjoy. There, with their mechanical pencils stuck in their pocket protectors, they will calculate whatever is presented to them so we don't have to. YAY!!!

So, who needs square roots if we never square anything? Gad, make life easy for all of us, why don't you? I mean, my phone heats up when it has to calculate something. Not that I EVER need to handle any numbers anymore. It's all done for me nowadays. And so, there's plenty of time for me...

Sorry, Sir. Yes, Rover. It's walk time. I apologize for forgetting and am assuming the position of begging for respect. No, I won't forget the plastic bag. Then we get to go to the pet store? YAY!!!

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