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Space aliens or just aliens are not related to space heaters or MySpace at all. You may be surprised to find they are from outer space, the vast reaches outside of Earth which you wouldn't know about because you went to a school that is afraid to teach science.

Space aliens come in four types as expert wearing a tinfoil hat can tell you. There are green aliens, silver aliens, grey aliens and lemon-lime. Green aliens are species that turn that color from a reaction with Earth's atmosphere. They are often described as "little green men" like Yoda, for example. Where the little green women and little green LGBT folks are is an unanswered question. Silver aliens are tall, very human-like with Nordic features, and are probably the ones that landed in Germany in the 1930s and set Naziism on a path toward racism and the occult, and did it just for laughs. Grey aliens are responsible for most of the abduction and dissection reports, a popular hobby among them, aside from ringing doorbells and running away. Other color aliens are known, so the whole group might just be beings with really bad paint huffing addictions.

These extraterrestials are never seen during the day, although their spacecraft, called UFOs even by themselves, can show up in broad daylight. While scientists speculate that this is so that aliens can do whatever they do hidden in the dark, others say it is because they are just extremely lazy late risers. But this behavior allows aliens to run around without being bothered by immigration officers or police.

So this brings up the question of just why space aliens are here. They are never seen buying postcards and souvenirs or hang around popular tourist destinations. They usually appear in the middle of nowhere. This leads to the obvious conclusion that aliens that come to Earth are just looking for a bathroom.

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