Space Satan

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Space Satan is the evil demon lurking on the space bars of accursed keyboards. He creates great despair and gnashing of teeth by making the space bar stick. Your consumption of huge amounts of junk food whilst in front of your laptop and leaving crumbs everywhere is only the secondary cause of sticky space bars.

Space Satan will invade your home by catching a ride on a Wimpy burger or sardine roll, both quite evil themselves. There, in league with the gnomes plotting your death he will attach himself to your space bar and not let go. The nefarious demon will occasionally slip out for an ice lolly or candy, further insuring an even stickier space bar upon his return. Space Satan may even affect the caps lock key, though that job is usually left to his evil minion Satan Bunny.

The only method to drive out Space Satan is to arrange for an exorcism by an approved CyberPriest. Chucking out the keyboard will not solve demonic possession of the space key, as Space Satan quickly becomes resident on keyboard software in his new victims.