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A sockpuppet that has visited 4chan for the first time.

You may be creating sockpuppets inadvertently. If you are a Russian FSB or North Korean agent, never mind, since you are creating sockpuppets on purpose.

When unwashed socks become particularly ripe and smelly, they can become sentient. Hanging draped over a chair back or on a chandelier, or stuck by static electricity to your chest, sentient socks can easily see what you are doing online and figure out how to create their own online accounts. There, their evil nature becomes evident as they attack everyone and everything, even you. They are smart enough to pretend to be liking you but acting so stupid and crude that real users will be repelled by whatever you wrote originally. Eventually, 4channers and Redditors will track their shenanigans back to your IP and blame you for creating these as your sockpuppets. In a sense, they are yours and you can be in big trouble with someone's mom for catfishing her kid.

So, always put your dirty socks in a tightly locked hamper. Or just burn them. Just not anywhere near my window.