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“Tamia, cho do riti.”

~ Zuzana Čaputová, president

Slovakia is a country in central Europe, full of people who (surprise!) speak Slovak.

Formerly part of Czechoslovakia (see how that name worked?), Slovakia then separated in World War II, then back again with Czechoslovakia and then divorced in 1993 from what is now the Czech Republic, it is a wonder that there has been no soap operas ever made about their history. And after all that, they chose "Slovakia"! I mean, "Beep! Beep!", "Kleptomania" and even "Eeble Sork" was there for the asking. But nooooo. Captains Obvious, you all are. And why the split again? Both countries still encourage the use of random diacritical marks (that's accents, yo) in everything. Maybe this is a split of leet users versus text speak people? And can Mötley Crue visit either country without getting into trouble? We have a right to know these things.