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The exciting SleepCat in action!

SleepCat is a superhero in the Marvel universe.

It has the astounding power to be able to fall asleep, no matter the situation, disorienting its foes so that other superheroes can rally and fight them. For example, SleepCat will bring along its SleepTV, whose powers of warmth will quickly cause SleepCat to become drowsy and fall asleep while perched on top. Since SleepCat will be balanced precariously atop the SleepTV, any baddie will be mesmerized, watching and waiting for SleepCat to fall. SleepCat will time its tumble to hold the supervillains attention to the last moment just as other superheroes arrive to land a punishing blow to the supervillain's jaw.

SleepCat is also effective in a pitched battle in close quarters. It can always find the perfect spot to take a nap and trip supervillains or their henchmen. The superhero can also delay any escape by blocking doors and doorways or taking up the driver's seat on an escape vehicle.

SleepCat has only one weakness: the sound of an electric can opener.