Slap bracelet

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You need to make sure that a slap bracelet does not clash with your normal jewelry.

So, you are rummaging through junk in a drawer or closet and you find a flat thing with a colorful pattern. Sorry, you can't smoke or huff this.

Take it to your mother or grandmother and their eyes will light up and they will tell you that what you have is a slap bracelet. They then will go all nostalgic and start telling stories about when they were younger, blah blah blah. When they are distracted ("Hey, Mom! Is that a UFO?"), you can quietly sneak away so you don't have to listen to the same stuff over and over again.

So, you take this flat thing covered in colorful cloth or rotting plastic, grab the end and whack it against your wrist. Like magic, it's now wrapped around your wrist. Or maybe the cat if you have bad aim. This is because it has a piece of spring steel inside. Hope you have a crowbar handy otherwise it's not coming off.

Slap bracelets became immensely popular in the early '90s. There were a lot of cheap knockoffs made. You may notice that your wrist is now dripping blood and that was just one of the problems found. Accidents using them on penises caused the affected senators and representatives to threaten bans, leading to recalls of most slap bracelets. Also, the spring could come undone so that's the reason you have the slap bracelet now stuck in your face.

Just remember that there is always a price to pay for nostalgia.