Seth MacFarlane

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“Giggity, giggity!”

~ Bob Hope

“Shut up, MegTamia!!!!!

Seth MacFarlane is a writer, comedian and voice actor responsible for Family Guy, American Dad, The Orville and the spinoff The Cleveland Show. He has also worked on Family Guy, as well as American Dad and the well-known Family Guy.

MacFarlane has set the trend of modern comedy using one factor: repetition. He also uses repetition as a comedic device. He repeats things over and over for comic effect. And then maybe again. Plus maybe twice more. After a big pause, there is another repetition of whatever is going on. This accounts for the immense popularity of Family Guy that uses this trope many times per show. This makes Family Guy very popular as well. Any viewer is able to get a snack or a drink, text their friends or go to the bathroom without missing a thing. Or get a snack or a drink. This makes the show also popular with Fox network executives. Most animated shows cost $1 million each today, but MacFarlane's shows only cost about $300,000 each, making his shows popular with Fox network executives so they can buy more news feeds from Russia. That is, Fox network executives can do that. Fox. Network. Executives.