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Oslo, Norway. In the Land of Midnight Sun, falling pianos and giant water balloons.

See also. See Oslo. See Oslo also.

See Dick. See Jane. See Spot. See Dick and Jane and Spot. See the Viking longboat. See Dick row. See Jane row. Row, row, row. See Spot not row. See Spot steer. Go Spot Go.

See the boat land. Land, land, land. See Jane see a building. See Dick see a building. See Spot chase sheep. See Dick and Jane go to the front door. See Dick and Jane kick in door. Hear the monk say, "Welcome to Lindisfarne!" Stab, stab, stab! Hack, Hack, hack! Chop, chop, chop! Rinse, repeat. Dick and Jane look for bling. Jane sees the Amulet of Appendor. Jane takes the Amulet of Appendor. Dick sees Excalibur. Dick takes Excalibur.

Dick and Jane are tired now. Dick and Jane return to the boat. Dick and Jane wait for Spot to kill all the sheep. Spot returns with slaves. Jane says to make slaves row. Dick says to make slaves row. Slaves do not want to row. Spot makes one slave into a blood eagle. See slaves row now. Row, row, row. Slaves are not slow. Boat goes to Oslo. Oh, ho, ho.

This is the complete text of the speech made by UK Prime Minister Theresa May in order to argue against the European Union's Schengen Zone open borders policy. This convinced Little Englanders to then adopt Brexit. That, and the urge to get into another Cod War with Iceland.

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