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Whoa, looks like somebody stole their sign. Otherwise, it's exactly the same as before.

Wherever you go in the US, you can still see a Sears logo on some mall building. Mostly, it is just on a concrete block that looks like a building but has no access. Occasionally, it looks like any other store in a shopping mall.

But wait. What we are actually looking at is some kind of art installation that only looks like a store. If you go inside and look around, you'll find there are displays, racks and shelves like any retailer, but there are no employees and no customers. There are things that seem to look like merchandise, randomly scattered around. Apparently thieves are very respectful of art since you never see anyone walking out with fake merch.

With such an elaborate piece of art, the first thought is that these have been created by the famous multimedia artist(s) Banksy. Sears installations are only in the US, but he has done many projects outside his home country, the United Kingdom, i.e. Engalund. After all, "See arse" is an obvious British pun. The Sears concept is thought to represent an ironic comment on modern consumerism. The whole thing is done so realistically that it has a supposed CEO insisting they are an actual retail business.