Sean Bean

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Sean Bean doing what he does best.

Sean Bean is the number one poster boy for Buddhism. This is because he has been reincarnated so many times and so frequently that it isn't funny.

Sean Bean has been killed by the best: James Bond, the Uruk-Hai, King Joffrey (indirectly) and by a meteorite he was watching while being incarnated as Maj. Sharpe. Clearly, he has excellent karma since he always comes back as himself instead of a sardine or bedbug, quite a rare thing. Of course, he never reaches total enlightenment and the big Chinese Restaurant Banquet in the Sky, but you still have to give him credit for trying. While his lives/deaths have been exceeded by one Agrajag, the latter's record does not count according the the Guinness Book of World Records because the latter was/is/will be always killed by the same person, Arthur Dent.