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Look! It's glowing! And I think that symbol means it's pirate sauce, so it should be good on seafood!

Sauce is the only reason for eating the dull, bland, overprocessed food of today. Most people are too embarrassed to admit to that, and only a few practical people just put a straw in a sauce bottle and go to town.

Sauces can be hot or mild, any color except ultraviolet, thick or thin, invisible, sentient or even gravitational. They usually come in small glass or plastic bottles to make them easy to steal from restaurants. Favorites range from the traditional Whatsthishere Sauce to extremely hot ones like Harpooñero sauce for whale meat. Soy (Spanish: I am) sauce sounds pretty kinky to me, but I'm not one to judge. Everybody has their own favorite, including the wimps that always settle for weaksauce.

One of the biggest consumers of sauces of all kinds in Wikipedia. Contributors are constantly being asked for sauces in addition to money for drugs and doughnuts. It is unknown what the wiki using sauces on, but it is only known that its appetite for them is limitless.