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A room with a view is not always what you expect. Which one is Tommy Wiseau, again?

A room is where you are right now. Unless you are not.

Rooms are very convenient places. A room is the place you are told to get when you are practicing your Reaper wrestling moves with your girlfriend. It was the place your parents used to tell you to go until they suddenly moved away without telling you one day. Humorously, it is a tiny space where you can barely turn around in that is part of an equally tiny apartment in New York City or Hong Kong. Most importantly of all, it is the name of a movie where everyone wears clothes 3 sizes too big and make no sense.

See that person staring at you with a scowl on their face? That's your roommate or roomie. And he or she is waiting for you to fork over your share of the rent for the month. If you didn't share this room, where else could you get all this attention? And who else would keep you skinny by eating all the food you keep buying for yourself?

A room is also a paradox. Because if you wanted room, why are you in a room? Only the oven mitt knows.