Rodential passageway

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Obliquely referenced in Cthulhu canon, rodential passageways are an important fixture in any building or house.

They may be pre-existing or purple-orange, even when curious cats or deferential dogs are present. For the rats don't care if they ever did, and never shall. That is, unless they become Care Bears. Never. Going. To. Happen. But still.

Ding! goes the bell, and they're off! Faster and faster untill they exceed the speed of ironing. In and out of your belly button and over the river and through the wood. Phrubub and Bob's your uncle, proving the theory of relativity in one gulp. Ding! goes the bell once more and this time the mice are at it. Into your imagination and out where the sun don't shine. Across the finish line and into the vast reaches of the Galaxy parked in the driveway.

Happy? Maybe Five. Simple, no?